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Corrupt and Rapacious: Colonial Spanish-American Past Through the Eyes of Early Nineteenth-Century Contemporaries. A Contribution from the History of Emotions

Between the Unbearable Weight and Lightness of the Past. Banal Silence in Spain’s Post-Dictatorship Memory Politics

Colonial Past sentence examples within British Colonial Past

Comparing legislation for involuntary admission and treatment of mental illness in four South Asian countries

Chase Riboud’s Hottentot Venus (2003) and the Neo-Victorian: The Problematization of South-Africa and the Vulnerability and Resistance of the Black Other

Colonial Past sentence examples within Violent Colonial Past

Tropical Purgatory: Brazil Through the Lenses of Stefan Zweig and Elizabeth Bishop

History, violence and collective memory: Implications for mental health in Ecuador

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Colonial Past sentence examples within Settler Colonial Past

Australian Women Writing History during the Interwar and Second World War Years

The Unsettling Truths of Settling: Ghostscapes in Domestic Textiles

Colonial Past sentence examples within Early Colonial Past

Governance by Perpetual Conflict: How Early Colonial Political Practices Undermine Democracy in Post-Civil War Sri Lanka

The souls of the dead: images woven in women’s clothing of the Jalq’a cultural area (south-central Bolivia)

Migration and immigration representing an unwanted ally of terrorism

Transfilial negotiations and palimpsestuous traces: queering postcolonial memory and intergenerational transmission

Indigenous self-representations in the touristic sphere

Self-Categorising and Othering in Migrant Integration: The Case of Entrepreneurs in Berlin

Isolation Room: Michael Parekowhai’s The Lighthouse: Tū Whenua-a Kura

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The Role of Media in Presidential Electoral Outcome in Nigeria between 2009 to 2019

The Colony of Aden in Post-Colonial Yemeni Novel

The Genesis of Corruption—the Dominant Features of Contemporary Societies of the Colonial Past Inheritance

Para além dos binarismos de gênero: reflexões para a arqueologia

Decolonising images? The liberation script in Mozambican history textbooks

Tracing poetry of protest in India: Dalit, Muslim and feminist perspectives

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Urbanization in the Global South

Humbling anthropology

Patterns of commemorative street and place renaming in India’s two mega-cities: Mumbai and New Delhi

Street name changes as language and identity inscription in the cityscape

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The State of Human Rights in the African Post-Colonial Politics

Aid effectiveness: when aid spurs investment

Different mechanisms, same result: Remembering the liberation war in Mozambique

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Colonial Past in Italian Relations with the Former African Colonies

Ernest Mancoba: “I Shall Dance in a Different Society”

More Colonial Past 殖民历史 sentence examples

The End of Françafrique? A Study Case on Benin’s 2016 Presidential Elections

Archaeometry and Archaeology: preliminary studies of the ceramics from archaeological sites of the upper Madeira river/Rondônia - Brazil.

Rise and Fall of the Spanish Colonial Dream in Africa: Former Civilian Colonists’ Emotions and their Gendered Experiences Facing African Voices

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Documentário: imaginário colonial de Minas Gerais

Should we be Royal?

¿Hacia dónde camina Hong Kong? Movimientos sociales, identidad nacional y el incierto futuro democrático


An Appraisal of Developmental Crises in Africa: Lessons From the Asian Tigers

Terra e colonialismo

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Promessa ou conquista? Virgílio e a bandeira de Minas Gerais (1788-1963)

“Sorry for Congo, Let’s Make Amends”: Belgians’ Ideological Worldviews Predict Attitudes Towards Apology and Reparation for its Colonial Past

How to Be a Nation of Migrants? A Return to Roots Versus Global Citizenship in Contemporary Mauritian Poetry

Care in/through the archives: Postcolonial intersectional moves in feminist geographic research

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The Travel Sketch

Set in Stone?:

Racial equity in medical education: Implications for international collaboration

Ghosting in the outback Noir

The multiple tenses of a postcolonial age of migration: a commentary on Samaddar, R. (2020).The postcolonial age of migration London and New York: Taylor & Francis, 2020


Marking 25 Years of Democracy in a Time of Lockdown

Roundtable on Visuality, Race and Nationhood in Italy

Theological Reflection Across Religious Traditions: The Turn to Reflective Believing

Juan Cabezón en tierras de América. Memorias del Nuevo Mundo de Homero Aridjis: génesis, antecedentes, proyecciones

Cypriotness after postcolonialism

The Politics of Violence in Latin America

More Colonial Past 殖民历史 sentence examples

Health, Education and Wellbeing in Hong Kong: British Legacy and New Challenges since the Handover to China

More Colonial Past 殖民历史 sentence examples

The Origins and Spread of Pastoralism in Southern Africa

Worlds at Home: On Cosmopolitan Futures

The Identity of the Canary Islands: A Critical Analysis of Colonial Cartography

Okonkwo in Harare? Reading the Poem ‘Déjà vu’ by Nhamo Mhiripiri through an Intertextual Lens

Mapping the field of development education in Portugal: narratives and challenges in a de/post/colonial context

World War II and West African Soldiers in Asia, 1943–1947

The Rabbits 230 years on

The Drivers of ODA: What Can They Tell About the Future?

Cruzando fronteras : the contribution of a decolonial feminism in organization studies

The Law of Adoption in Papua New Guinea

La lunga durata della ‘lotta all’indolenza’. La relazione tra JC in Diary of a Bad Year e le norme censorie degli europei protestanti in Sud Africa

Editor’s note

English Studies in India: Reviewing Borders, Remapping the Terrain

Restitution and the Logic of the Postcolonial Nation-State

Constructing Science Knowledge in Linguistically Diverse South African Classrooms: Opportunities and Challenges for Learning

More Colonial Past 殖民历史 sentence examples

Entre a confissão e a sociedade: aspectos sociais de uma freguesia colonial no fim do setecentos – Santa Luzia do Norte - Alagoas

Putting on a show; Collecting, exhibiting and performing wayang at the Tropenmuseum from colonial times until the present

Virtual meeting ground for colonial (re)Interpretation of the Banda Islands, Indonesia

Ideational Leadership and Legislation: The Right to Free and Compulsory Education in Pakistan

Memory and local Identity: the Persistence of Colonial-Era Street Names in Hong kong after 1997

Both Centre and Margin

Sino–US Trade War: A Mini Review on Latin American Involvement

Purple Hibiscus: A Postcolonial Feminist Reading

Looters vs. Traitors: The Muqawama (“Resistance”) Narrative, and its Detractors, in Contemporary Mauritania

Producing new spatial(ized) (hi)stories on Congolese cities : reflections on ten years of collaboration between UGent and UNIKIN

As above so below: drone visualities of the aftermath, testimonies of the more-than-human and the politico-aesthetics of massacre sites

Workers’ Participation in Management at Plant Level in Nigeria

Colonialism with benefits? Singaporean peoplehood and colonial contradiction

Squatter-Cum-Pastoralist or Freeholder? How Differences in Nineteenth-Century Colonists’ Experiences Affect Their Descendants’ Historical Consciousness

Contesting Cultural Heritage: Decolonizing the Tropenmuseum as an Intervention in the Dutch/European Memory Complex

Italo Calvinoʼs Colour Blindness and the Question of Race among Einaudi Intellectuals

‘I’m not getting out of bed!’ The criminalisation of young people in residential care

The Influence of Anxiety: A Study of the Postcolonial Memory and its Influence on the Indian Postcolonial Research

Black Venuses Between Colonial Memory and Global Horizons

No Country, No System: Liberalism, Autonomy, and De-politicization in Hong Kong

Inventing and commemorating Queen Elizabeth School, Ilorin, in Nigeria (1956–2016)

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Colonial Past 殖民历史

Colonial Past 殖民历史
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