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Lessons on Surviving a Pandemic From 35 Years of AIDS Cinema.

Space, screen and the Indian multiplex film

Fear in the fantastic narrative IT: a literary and cinematographic analysis

From Sujata to Kachra: Decoding Dalit representation in popular Hindi cinema

Ageing and romance on the big screen: the ‘silvering romantic comedy’ Elsa & Fred

Incipient Pedagogy (II): AIDS Narratives

The Stupid in Genre Fails

Portrayal of Turkish–German migratory relations in Turkish films of the 1980s: a call for an alternative reading

Darwin on the Cutting-Room Floor:

Slippery Slopes: Skiing, Fashion, and Intrigue in 1960s Film

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Cinematic Narratives 电影叙事

Cinematic Narratives 电影叙事
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