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Evaluation of the Thermal Inactivation of a Salmonella Serotype Oranienburg Strain During Cocoa Roasting at Conditions Relevant to the Fine Chocolate Industry

Carob powder as cocoa substitute in milk and dark compound chocolate formulation

Influence of local convective heat flux on solidification, contraction and wall detachment behavior of molded chocolate during air cooling

Influence of S. cerevisiae and P. kluyveri as starters on chocolate flavour.

Tempering of cocoa butter and chocolate using minor lipidic components

Integrating microbial metagenomics and physicochemical parameters and a new perspective on starter culture for fine cocoa fermentation.

Gendered Chocolate Mythologies: From Montezuma to Plain Mr York

Profile of Volatile Compounds of On-Farm Fermented and Dried Cocoa Beans Inoculated with Saccharomyces cerevisiae KY794742 and Pichia kudriavzevii KY794725

Cadmium in Cacao: ‘From Soil to Bar’ the Journey of Cadmium at a Farm Level

Behavior Selection Metaheuristic Search Algorithm for the Pollination Optimization: A Simulation Case of Cocoa Flowers

Rheological behaviour and microstructural properties of dark chocolate produced by combination of a ball mill and a liquefier device as small scale chocolate production system

The challenges and perspectives of the selection of starter cultures for fermented cocoa beans.

Comparing flavor profiles of dark chocolates refined with melanger and conched with Stephan mixer in various alternative chocolate production techniques

The Chemistry behind Chocolate Production

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Chocolate Production 巧克力生产

Chocolate Production 巧克力生产
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