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The sensory and physical properties of Shortbread biscuits cooked using different sucrose granule size fractions.

The Impact of Sugar Particles Size and Natural Substitutes for the Replacement of Sucrose and Fat in Chocolate Brownies: Sensory and Physicochemical Analysis

Effect of Disclosed Information on Product Liking, Emotional Profile, and Purchase Intent: A Case of Chocolate Brownies Containing Edible-Cricket Protein

Effects of Soaking on the Functional Properties of Yellow-Eyed Bean Flour and the Acceptability of Chocolate Brownies.

Analysis of Aflatoxins and Ochratoxin A in Cannabis and Cannabis Products by LC-Fluorescence Detection Using Cleanup with Either Multiantibody Immunoaffinity Columns or an Automated System with In-Line Reusable Immunoaffinity Cartridges.

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Chocolate Brownies 巧克力布朗尼

Chocolate Brownies 巧克力布朗尼
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