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Design and synthesis of chiral hyperbranched polymers containing cinchona squaramide moieties and their catalytic activity in the asymmetric Michael addition reaction

Synthesis of core-corona polymer microsphere-supported cinchonidinium salt and its application to asymmetric synthesis

Recent applications of mechanochemistry in enantioselective synthesis

Engineering enzyme catalysis: an inverse approach

Recent Progress in Asymmetric Relay Catalysis of Metal Complex with Chiral Phosphoric Acid

Stereoselective synthesis of hydrazinodihydrofurans via cascade Michael addition-substitution involving the reaction of curcumin and other β-dicarbonyls with α-hydrazinonitroalkenes.

Zinc-Catalyzed Asymmetric Formal [4+3] Annulation of Isoxazoles with Enynol Ethers via 6π Electrocyclization: Stereoselective Access to 2H-Azepines.

Advances in the Asymmetric Total Synthesis of Natural Products Using Chiral Secondary Amine Catalyzed Reactions of α,β-Unsaturated Aldehydes

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Chiral Organocatalyst 手性有机催化剂

Chiral Organocatalyst 手性有机催化剂
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