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Abundant Resource Endowments, Institutions and Economic Growth: A Theoretical Framework and Validation Using China’s Provincial Data

Study on the coordinated development of urbanization and water resources utilization efficiency in China

Applying the Super-EBM model and spatial Durbin model to examining total-factor ecological efficiency from a multi-dimensional perspective: evidence from China

Gradual Goals of Energy Transformation and Upgrading in China’s Power Industry Considering Production Profiles

Impact of Logistics Development Level on International Trade in China: A Provincial Analysis

Investigate the impact of market reforms on the improvement of manufacturing energy efficiency under China’s provincial-level data

Impact of income inequality and fiscal decentralization on public health: Evidence from China

Identifying the Driving Factors of Food Nitrogen Footprint in China, 2000–2018: Econometric Analysis of Provincial Spatial Panel Data by the STIRPAT Model

Modeling the Spatial Correlations among Energy Consumption, Economic Growth, and the Ecological Environment

Air quality, COVID-19, and the oil market: Evidence from China’s provinces

Promotion for Performance? The Working Incentive of Chinese Provincial Environmental Agency Heads in Pollution Reduction

Exploring and Evaluating the Impact of ICTs on Culture and Tourism Industries’ Convergence: Evidence from China

Driving Factors and Growth Potential of Provincial Carbon Productivity in China

Digital financial inclusion and economic growth: provincial data analysis of China

Assessing the impact of energy-saving R&D on China’s energy consumption: Evidence from dynamic spatial panel model

Environmental Regulation, Resource Misallocation and Industrial Total Factor Productivity: A Spatial Empirical Study Based on China’s Provincial Panel Data

Dynamic characteristics and drivers of the regional household energy-carbon-water nexus in China

Carbon Emission Reduction Performance of Green Biased Technology Progress: From the Perspective of Industrial Structure Adjustment

The Impact of the Upgrading of the Industrial Structure on the Urban Employee Basic Medical Insurance Fund: An Empirical Study in China

Crime Prediction: An Empirical Study on the Impact of Housing Prices on the Regional Criminal Rate

Analysis of The Impact of The New Infrastructure on Economic Growth——Based on Empirical Test Charging Pile of New Energy Vehicles

Spatial Non-Equilibrium and Its Solidification Effect of China’s Per Capita Transportation Carbon Emissions

Impact of Knowledge Spillover on Regional Club Convergence in China

Shifting from Production-Based to Consumption-Based Nexus Governance: Evidence from an Input–Output Analysis of the Local Water-Energy-Food Nexus

The Threshold Effect of FDI on Regional Innovation Capability— From the Perspective of Intellectual Property Protection

Dynamic Green Growth Assessment of China’s Industrial System with an Improved SBM Model and Global Malmquist Index

Spatial distribution and convergence of provincial carbon intensity in China and its influencing factors: a spatial panel analysis from 2000 to 2017

Study on the optimization of staple crops spatial distribution in China under the influence of natural disasters

The Impact of Higher Education and Human Capital Quality on “Local-Neighborhood” Economic Growth

How can green building development promote carbon emission reduction efficiency of the construction industry?——Based on the dual perspective of industry and space

Impact of income inequality and fiscal decentralization on public health: Evidence from China

Spatio-temporal evolution characteristics and influencing factors of carbon emission reduction potential in China

Financial Structure and Capital Allocation Efficiency: An Empirical Analysis of China from 2005–2018

Spatial Mechanisms of Regional Innovation Mobility in China

Research on Economic Effects of Energy Consumption Scale, Structure and Efficiency in China: Spatial Econometric Analysis at Provincial Scale

Governance continuity and administration efficiency

An Approach to Study the Poverty Reduction Effect of Digital Inclusive Finance from a Multidimensional Perspective Based on Clustering Algorithms

Measuring Total Factor Productivity of China Provincial Non-Life Insurance Market: A DEA-Malmquist Index Method

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Chinas Provincial 中国省级

Chinas Provincial 中国省级
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