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Protein and energy partitioning for growth by rabbits fed soybean cheese waste diet and lablab hay

Performance of growing rabbits fed soybean cheese waste meal diet and lablab hay

Impact of operational conditions on methane yield and microbial community composition during biological methanation in in situ and hybrid reactor systems

Valorisation of Organic Waste By-Products Using Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens) as a Bio-Convertor

Electrochemical Recovery of Phosphorus from Acidic Cheese Wastewater: Feasibility, Quality of Products, and Comparison with Chemical Precipitation

Impact of Operational Conditions on Methane Yield and Microbial Community Composition during Biological Methanation in a Hybrid Reactor System

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Bioaugmentation as a strategy for tailor-made volatile fatty acid production.

Anaerobic technology for treatment of concentrated wastewater from estonian food industries

Cheese whey to biohydrogen and useful organic acids: A non-pathogenic microbial treatment by L. acidophilus

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Cheese Waste 奶酪废料

Cheese Waste 奶酪废料
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