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Institutional Level Drivers of Gender Inequitable Scientific Career Progression in Sub-saharan Africa

An intersectional gender analysis of familial and socio-cultural drivers of inequitable scientific career progression of researchers in Sub-Saharan Africa

Career Stage sentence examples within Different Career Stage

Navigating during the Pandemic: Dialogues across Career Stages

Open science in psychophysiology: An overview of challenges and emerging solutions.

Career Stage sentence examples within Early Career Stage

Linking doctor-patient relationship to medical residents’ work engagement: The influences of role overload and conflict avoidance

Leaving the military to work in civilian society: career adaptability by South Korean short- and mid-term veterans

Career Stage sentence examples within Acros Career Stage

The green and the grey: the differing professional development needs of early and mid/late career substance use workers

Frequency and perceived effectiveness of mental health providers’ coping strategies during COVID-19

Career Stage sentence examples within Variou Career Stage

Mentoring Initiatives as Talent Management Innovations

Using Change Models to Envision Better Applications of Animal Behavior Research in Conservation Management and Beyond

Career Stage sentence examples within Later Career Stage

New Age Mentoring and Disruptive Innovation-Navigating the Uncharted With Vision, Purpose, and Equity.

Taking census of physics

Career Stage sentence examples within Late Career Stage

Meeting Faculty Development Needs: Review of Current Resources and Opportunities for Program Development.

Association of Cataract Surgical Outcomes With Late Surgeon Career Stages: A Population-Based Cohort Study

Career Stage sentence examples within Earlier Career Stage

The Women Physiatrists Facebook Group

Clinical Practice Characteristics of Radiologists Based on American Board of Radiology Interventional Radiology Certification Status.

Career Stage sentence examples within Academic Career Stage

Academic Assets, Life-Cycle, and Entrepreneurship: A Longitudinal Study of Estonian Academic Workers

Contingent faculty in ecology and STEM: an uneven landscape of challenges for higher education

Career Stage sentence examples within Fmy Career Stage

International Comparison of the Competencies of Infection Preventionists among Career Stages Between the United States and Japan

Reflections on music teacher professional development: Teacher-generated policies and practices

Career Stage sentence examples within Critical Career Stage

Building Your Mentoring Network in Your Early Career.

Post-Doc Interviews in the Life Sciences: An Often-Overlooked Process that Is Susceptible to Bias

Career Stage sentence examples within Establishment Career Stage

Psychosocial resources, support, and career satisfaction among professional women: A South African study


Career Stage sentence examples within Three Career Stage

Participant perspectives on a seminar-based research career development program and its role in career independence

Öğretmenler Ne Zaman ve Nasıl Yetkin Bir Uzman Olurlar: Coğrafya Öğretmenleri Örneği

Career Stage sentence examples within Teacher Career Stage

Do Preservice Teachers Believe They Use the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers to Inform Their Professional Learning?

Changes in General and Specific Teacher Self-Efficacy Related to: Professional Development Follow-up, Assignment, and Career Stage

Career Stage sentence examples within career stage may

How Pre-tenure and Tenured Faculty Can Engage Undergraduates in Publishable Research

Lifespan Perspectives on Work and Nonwork Roles

Hashtag, like or tweet: a qualitative study on the use of social media among dentists in London

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Aligning faculty development with competencies for professional growth

Scientific collaboration and career stages: An ego-centric perspective

The information system stress, informatics competence and well-being of newly graduated and experienced nurses: a cross-sectional study

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Examining the career dynamics of elite football referees: a unique identification profile

Physician Burnout in Radiology: Perspectives From the Field.

Advancing women in healthcare leadership: A systematic review and meta-synthesis of multi-sector evidence on organisational interventions

Contrast of Digital and Health Literacy Between IT and Health Care Specialists Highlights the Importance of Multidisciplinary Teams for Digital Health-A Pilot Study.

Fighting and doping: Professional mixed martial artists experience and exposure to performance-enhancing substances and supplements

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The early bird uses bioRxiv: The impact of career stage on the usage of preprints in ecology and evolution

Introduction to effective mentorship for early-career research scientists

30315 Successes in the COVID-19 Era: Novel Peer-Mentoring Series for Junior and Mid-Career Academic Faculty Across a University Campus

Training Data: How can we best prepare instructors to teach data science in undergraduate biology and environmental science courses?

Character Strengths in Pakistan: The Role of Signature Strengths Use for Employee Work Behaviors and Organizational Outcomes

How Does Mentoring Affect the Creative Performance of Mentors: The Role of Personal Learning and Career Stage

The Assessment of Attitudes of Medical Doctors towards Psychiatric Patients—A Cross-Sectional Online Survey in Poland

Scholarly Productivity in Clinical Pharmacology Amid Pandemic‐Related Workforce Disruptions: Are Men and Women Affected Equally?

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Personal development of future economists through professional education

Introduction to the Special Issue

Towards inclusive funding practices for early career researchers

International Symposium on Reproductive Health: overcoming barriers for research in reproduction

Preprinting is positively associated with early career researcher status in ecology and evolution

Resilience of veterinarians at different career stages: The role of self-efficacy, coping strategies and personal resources for resilience in veterinary practice.

The European Bioinformatics Community for Mass Spectrometry (EuBIC-MS): an open community for bioinformatics training and research.

Introducing the MAVEN Leadership Training Initiative to diversify the scientific workforce

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Construction work and the mobility imperative: changing rhythms along uncertain paths

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Dwelling Possibilities: Career Perceptions of Single Women at Mid-Career in Education Sector of Pakistan

The reflective practices of early and late career music educators

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The Early Career Years of Engineering: Crossing the Threshold Between Education and Practice

Working toward reducing bias in peer review

Early Career Researchers’ Perspective on Citizen Science

Capacity building in nurse educators in a Global Leadership Mentoring Community

More Career Stage 职业阶段 sentence examples

Research capacity-building in teacher education

The Madden–Julian oscillation strengthens its reach

Biases in ecological research: attitudes of scientists and ways of control

Building Diverse Mentoring Networks that Transcend Boundaries in Cancer Research.

Mentoring Relationships and Gender Inequities in Academic Medicine: Findings From a Multi-Institutional Qualitative Study.

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Ethics issues identified by applicants and ethics experts in Horizon 2020 grant proposals.

Intentional mentoring: maximizing the impact of underrepresented future scientists in the 21st century

Juggling parenthood and ornithology: A full lifecycle approach to supporting mothers through the American Ornithological Society

Impact of Stroke Call on Career Satisfaction and Burnout for Academic Neurointerventionalists: A Grounded Theory Model.

Exploring attributes of high-quality clinical supervision in general practice through interviews with peer-recognised GP supervisors

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GRIT: Women in Medicine Leadership Conference Participants’ Perceptions of Gender Discrimination, Disparity, and Mitigation

Experiences of mental health professionals supporting front-line health and social care workers during COVID-19: qualitative study

A community-led initiative for training in reproducible research

A fairer way to compare researchers at any career stage and in any discipline using open-access citation data

Advancing Women to Leadership Positions Through Individual Actions and Institutional Reform.

The Impact of Gender on Researchers’ Assessment: A Randomized Controlled Trial

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Helping us grow generations of GPs (HUGG): a pilot study evaluating Longitudinal Support Networks (LSNs) on recruitment, retention and resilience of GPs in Derbyshire

Navigating sexualised visibility: a study of British women engineers

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Academic air travel has a limited influence on professional success

Is optometry ready for myopia control? Education and other barriers to the treatment of myopia

Is optometry ready for myopia control? Education and other barriers to the treatment of myopia.

Introduction: Bringing Intersectionality to Public Policy

Is Academic Medicine Making Mid-Career Women Physicians Invisible?

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An exploration of the influence of school context, ethos and culture on teacher career-stage professional learning

More Career Stage 职业阶段 sentence examples

Remaking the Innovator Imperative

The First International Conference on ‘Processes and Palaeo-Environmental Changes in the Arctic: From Past to Present’ (PalaeoArc)

YOUMARES 9 - The Oceans: Our Research, Our Future: Proceedings of the 2018 conference for YOUng MArine RESearcher in Oldenburg, Germany

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Glass ceilings and stone floors: an intersectional approach to challenges UK geographers face across the career lifecycle

Creating Stories of Science

Engaging Researchers with Data Management: The Cookbook

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The parent trap.

Coping resources and strategies of Canadian ice-hockey players: An empirical National Hockey League career model

The Mastery Rubric for Bioinformatics: A tool to support design and evaluation of career-spanning education and training

4.2 The education of the specialist of physical and rehabilitation medicine: Graduate medical education in residency training

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A longitudinal investigation of the glass-ceiling in nursing

#WomenInMedicine: Progress in gender equity at Research and Practice in Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Raising Awareness of Researchers-in-the-Making Toward Responsible Research and Innovation

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Career Stage 职业阶段

Career Stage 职业阶段
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