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Proactive personality triggers employee resilience: A dual-pathway model

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Reflections on a Career Studying Individual Differences in the Workplace

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Doctor Becomes Patient

Construction work and the mobility imperative: changing rhythms along uncertain paths

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Career Identity Development Process

The dance artistry of Diane Alison-Mitchell and Paradigmz: Accounting for professional practice between 1993 and 2003

Perceived barriers to career progression amongst female students: evidence from India and the United Arab Emirates

Family influences on the career journeys of women executive chefs in New Zealand

Preface: Shifting Career Realities and Navigating Career Journeys

Career exploration: A review and future research agenda

Moving on up? Exploring the career journeys of skilled migrants in the professions

Career Trajectories of Deputy and Assistant Headteachers and Their Perceptions of Secondary Headship

The path to leadership: the career journey of academic health sciences library directors

Perjalanan Karir Kesenimanan Siti Chairani Proehoeman Sebagai Penyanyi Soprano (Sebuah Biografi)

The Celebrity Capital Life Cycle: A Framework for Future Research Directions on Celebrity Endorsement

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Research into the diversification of university careers in learning and teaching and intentionally closing-the-loop on graduate employability

Principal resilience and vitality in extremis: The scenario of involuntary occupational dissolution

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Mechanism of Career Construction Facing The Human-Machine Interaction

Understanding Pain: From Cells to Brain to Individual Perceptions

Parenting Styles Effect on Career Exploration Behavior in Adolescence: Considering Parents and Adolescent Gender

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Dartboard-like Leaderboard for Mapping Educator Career Competition in a Gamification System

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