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Cis-regulatory changes in locomotor genes are associated with the evolution of burrowing behavior

Toward evidence-based severity assessment in mouse models with repeated seizures: I. Electrical kindling

Toxicity assessment of earthworm exposed to arsenate using oxidative stress and burrowing behavior responses and an integrated biomarker index.

Study of the Habitats, Burrowing Behavior, Physiological Adaptation and Life Cycle of Spadefoot Toad (Pelobates syriacus, Boettger, 1869) at the Southern Limit of Its Distribution in Israel

The “Sandwich” System: A Potential Solution for Protecting Overwintering Cornu aspersum Snails Reared in Semi-Intensive Heliciculture Farms in Colder Climates

Neoichnology of mygalomorph spiders: Improving the recognition of spider burrows in the geological record

Can Lumbricus terrestris be released in forest soils degraded by compaction? Preliminary results from laboratory and field experiments

Short- and long-term impacts of anaerobic digestate spreading on earthworms in cropped soils

Additive Effects of Environmental Enrichment and Ketamine on Neuropathic Pain Relief by Reducing Glutamatergic Activation in Spinal Cord Injury in Rats

Effect of High-Fructose Diet on Physiological, Biochemical and Morphological Parameters of TAAR9 Knockout Female Rats

Experimental evidence of uncertain future of the keystone ragworm Hediste diversicolor (O.F. Müller, 1776) under climate change conditions.

A Review of the Engineering Role of Burrowing Animals: Implication of Chinese Pangolin as an Ecosystem Engineer

Early Juvenile Growth and Behavior of Laevistrombus turturella(Gastropoda: Strombidae) in a Laboratory Microcosm Experiment

Biomechanics and Strategies of Digging

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Optimal sediment grain size and sorting for survival and growth of juvenile Manila clams, Venerupis philippinarum

Burrowing behavior and burrowing energetics of a bioindicator under human disturbance

A dual amylin and calcitonin receptor agonist inhibits pain behavior and reduces cartilage pathology in an osteoarthritis rat model.

Impact of seawater acidification on shell property of the Manila clam Ruditapes philippinarum grown within and without sediment

Helical Crustacean Burrows: Gyrolithes Ichnofabrics from the Pliocene of Lepe (Huelva, Sw Spain)

Previous experience and substrate matter: Plasticity in burrow digging in a South American wolf spider

Depression-like behavior corresponds with cardiac changes in a rodent model of spinal cord injury

Sodium arsenite modified burrowing behavior of earthworm species Metaphire californica and Eisenia fetida in a farm soil

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Burrowing Behavior 挖洞行为

Burrowing Behavior 挖洞行为
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