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Wheat Bread Fortification: The Supplement of Teff Flour and Chia Seeds

Nutritional attributes of wheat bread fortified with convectively dried chokeberry powder

Evaluation of diosgenin content from eleven different Indian varieties of fenugreek and fenugreek leaf powder fortified bread

Development of functional bread with flaxseed oil and garlic oil hybrid microcapsules

Balady bread: A comprehensive study on sensory, chemical and rheological properties during fortification by Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.)

Rejuvenated Brewer’s Spent Grain: EverVita Ingredients as Game-Changers in Fibre-Enriched Bread

Nutritional, Physicochemical, and Sensorial Evaluation of Flat Bread Supplemented with Quinoa Flour

Vitamin B12 Added as a Fortificant to Flour Retains High Bioavailability when Baked in Bread.

Textural properties of dough and sensory characteristics of bread enriched with crushed seeds of the safflower

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Bread Fortified 面包强化

Bread Fortified 面包强化
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