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Pengaruh Suhu dan Waktu Pemanggangan Terhadap Mutu Fisik, Kimia dan Organoleptik Pada Biskuit Ubi Jalar Ungu

Quinoa sourdough - based biscuits with high antioxidant activity fermented with autochthonous lactic acid bacteria.

Roles of protein, starch and sugar in the texture of sorghum biscuits

Nutrient, phytochemical and sensory evaluation of biscuits produced from composite flours of wheat enriched with okra pod

Potential Impact of Oat Ingredient Type on Oral Fragmentation of Biscuits and Oro-Digestibility of Starch—An In Vitro Approach

A Study on Bangladeshi Biscuit Industry: Consumer Perception Towards Packaging

Nutritional composition and acceptability of biscuits fortified with palm weevil larvae (Rhynchophorus phoenicis Fabricius) and orange‐fleshed sweet potato among pregnant women

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Biscuits Made 饼干制作

Biscuits Made 饼干制作
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