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A gluten-free biscuit fortified with lemon IntegroPectin

Modeling the Potential of Fortified Biscuits Too Address Micronutrient Deficiencies Among Preschool Children and Women in Cameroon (P10-116-19).

Improving Nutritional Status of Egyptian School Children by A Food-Based Natural Enhancer (Orange and Fish) to Iron Absorption and Omega 3 Supplement

Chemical, physical, rheological and sensory properties of biscuit fortified with protein hydrolysate from cephalothorax of Pacific white shrimp

Physicochemical Characteristics of Biscuits With the Fortification of Asian Swamp Eel Flour

Nutritional composition and acceptability of biscuits fortified with palm weevil larvae (Rhynchophorus phoenicis Fabricius) and orange‐fleshed sweet potato among pregnant women

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Biscuits Fortified 强化饼干

Biscuits Fortified 强化饼干
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