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Ultra-high specific surface area porous carbon derived from chestnut for high-performance supercapacitor

Surface-driven charge storage behaviors of Kenaf-derived carbon electrodes with hierarchical porous structure for lithium-ion capacitors

Biomass Derived Porous sentence examples within electrochemical energy storage

Chinar fruit fluff-derived mesopore-dominant hierarchical porous carbon for high-performance supercapacitors

Hierarchically porous carbon derived from renewable Chingma Abutilon Seeds for high-energy supercapacitors

Biomass Derived Porous sentence examples within biomass derived porous carbon

Hemp derived N-doped highly porous carbon containing Co nanoparticles as electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction.

Mechanochemical assisted synthesis of heteroatoms inherited highly porous carbon from biomass for electrochemical capacitor and oxygen reduction reaction electrocatalysis

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Synthesis of a Cotton-Derived Flexible Porous Carbon Fabric Electrode Using Nickel-Salt Pore Forming for Supercapacitors

Organic salt-assisted pyrolysis for preparation of porous carbon from cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin: New insight from structure evolution

Facile synthesis and superior capacitive behavior of cattail wool-derived hierarchical porous carbon

A closed-loop and scalable process for the production of biomass-derived superhydrophilic carbon for supercapacitors

Novel effective strategy for high-performance biomass-based super-flexible hierarchically porous carbon fibrous film electrode for supercapacitors

Rational introduction of nitridizing agent to hydrothermal carbonization for enhancing CO2 capture performance of tobacco stalk-based porous carbons

Efficient Removal of Chromium(VI) Using a Novel Waste Biomass Chestnut Shell-Based Carbon Electrode by Electrosorption

Reduced graphene oxide decorated amorphous NiS2 nanosheets as high-performance anode materials for enhanced sodium-ion hybrid capacitors

Bamboo fungus-derived magnetic porous carbon encapsulated nickel stabilized Rh nanoparticles as efficient catalysts for hydrolytic dehydrogenation of ammonia borane

Environmentally Friendly Bark-Derived Co-Doped Porous Carbon Composites for Microwave Absorption

High-performance Li-Ion capacitor constructed from biomass-derived porous carbon and high-rate Li4Ti5O12

Natural biomass-derived porous carbons from buckwheat hulls used as anode for lithium-ion batteries

Hollow CuS microflowers anchored porous carbon composites as lightweight and broadband microwave absorber with flame-retardant and thermal stealth functions

Nitrogen-doped biomass-derived porous carbon spheres for supercapacitors with ultrafast charge/discharge rate up to 2.5 V s−1

CoS2 nanoparticles grown in situ on rGO nanosheet as a potential anode material toward high-performance sodium-ion hybrid capacitors

Carbon-doped surface unsaturated sulfur enriched CoS2@rGO aerogel pseudocapacitive anode and biomass-derived porous carbon cathode for advanced lithium-ion capacitors

Honeysuckle flowers-derived hierarchical porous carbon matching with ionic liquid electrolyte for high-energy supercapacitors

Tailoring in-situ N, O, P, S-doped soybean-derived porous carbon with ultrahigh capacitance in both acidic and alkaline media

Biomass Valorization to Produce Porous Carbons: Applications in CO2 Capture and Biogas Upgrading to Biomethane—A Mini-Review

Waste elimination to porous carbonaceous materials for the application of electrochemical sensors: Recent developments

Design and Synthesis of Zinc-Activated Cox Ni2-x P/Graphene Anode for High-Performance Zinc Ion Storage Device.

From coconut shell biomass to oxygen reduction reaction catalyst: Tuning porosity and nitrogen doping

Preparation and electrochemical property of TiO2/porous carbon composite cathode derived from waste tea leaves for electrocatalytic degradation of phenol

Biomass bone-derived, N/P-doped hierarchical hard carbon for high-energy potassium-ion batteries

N, P co-doped hierarchical porous carbon from rapeseed cake with enhanced supercapacitance

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Biomass Derived Porous 生物质衍生多孔材料

Biomass Derived Porous 生物质衍生多孔材料
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