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Bay Basin sentence examples within scanning electron microscopy

Fracture characteristics and logging identification of lacustrine shale in the Jiyang Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, Eastern China

Experimental Study on the Development Characteristics and Controlling Factors of Microscopic Organic Matter Pore and Fracture System in Shale

Bay Basin sentence examples within three dimensional seismic

Seismic-based identification and stage analysis of overlapped compound sedimentary units in rifted lacustrine basins: An example from the Bozhong sag, Bohai Bay Basin, China

Sedimentary characteristics and evolution of the fluvial system of the Neogene Guantao Formation, Zhanhua Sag, Bohai Bay Basin, China

Bay Basin sentence examples within shale oil exploration

Fine-grained rock fabric facies classification and its control on shale oil accumulation: a case study from the Paleogene Kong 2 Member, Bohai Bay Basin

Exploration breakthroughs and geological characteristics of continental shale oil: A case study of the Kongdian Formation in the Cangdong Sag, China

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Bay Basin sentence examples within Bohai Bay Basin

Features of fracture height propagation in cross-layer fracturing of shale oil reservoirs

Evaluation Method of Movable Shale Oil Resource: A Case Study of the Shahejie Formation in the Dongying Sag, Jiyang Depression

Bay Basin sentence examples within Cardigan Bay Basin

Long and short orbital forcing of Jurassic wildfires.

Million-year-scale alternation of warm–humid and semi-arid periods as a mid-latitude climate mode in the Early Jurassic (late Sinemurian, Laurasian Seaway)

Bay Basin sentence examples within Hudson Bay Basin

Precambrian lithosphere beneath Hudson Bay: A new geological model based on the Hudson Bay Lithospheric Experiment (HuBLE), Canadian Shield

Hudson Bay, Hudson Strait, Moose River, and Foxe basins: synthesis of the research activities under the Geomapping for Energy and Minerals (GEM) programs 2008-2018

Thermal zone identification by gravity data modeling using Euler deconvolution and geochemical analysis of hot springs in Saurashtra and Cambay Basins

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and hydrologic hegemony over Abbay Basin

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Agroecology-based soil erosion assessment for better conservation planning in Ethiopian river basins.

Facultative monogamy in an early Eocene brooding oyster and its evolutionary implications.

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Comparison of ANN model and GIS tools for delineation of groundwater potential zones, Fincha Catchment, Abay Basin, Ethiopia

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Depth and composition dependent nanopore structures of Indian shale gas reservoirs: An implication on storage potential

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Evaluating the geomechanical properties of Cambay Shale, Cambay Basin, India using advanced wireline logs for shale hydrocarbon exploration

Utility of comprehensive GC×GC-TOFMS in elucidation of aromatic hydrocarbon biomarkers

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Reaction kinetic, maturity, burial and thermal histories modelling of cambay shale source rocks, Cambay Basin, Western India

Weights of evidence modeling for landslide susceptibility mapping of Kabi-Gebro locality, Gundomeskel area, Central Ethiopia

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Heterogeneity characterization from sequence stratigraphic analysis of Paleocene-Early Eocene Cambay Shale formation in Jambusar-Broach area, Cambay Basin, India

Determinants of adoption of sustainable land management practice choices among smallholder farmers in Abay Basin of Oromia, Ethiopia

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Effects of pleistocene to holocene seismicity on the landforms and fluvial-lacustrine sequences of the Ixtlahuaca paleobasin, and their possible relation with the Acambay graben: Implications for the seismic hazard assessment of central Mexico

Distributive analysis of soil loss in the Abbay River Basin in Ethiopia after watershed management interventions

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Bay Basin 盆地先生

Bay Basin 盆地先生
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