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Boron-nitrogen substituted dihydroindeno[1,2-b]fluorene derivatives as acceptors in organic solar cells.

Iron-Catalyzed ortho C-H Arylation and Methylation of Pivalophenone N-H Imines.

Generation of Organozinc Reagents by Nickel Diazadiene Complex Catalyzed Zinc Insertion into Aryl Sulfonates

Ni(I)-Catalyzed β,δ-Vinylarylation of γ,δ-Alkenyl α-Cyanocarboxylic Esters via Contraction of Transient Nickellacycles

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Arylzinc Reagents 芳基锌试剂

Arylzinc Reagents 芳基锌试剂
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