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Favourable short-term course and outcome of pediatric anxiety spectrum disorders: a prospective study from India

Efficacy and safety of ketamine in the management of anxiety and anxiety spectrum disorders: a review of the literature.

A cross-sectional study to evaluate the correlation of depression and anxiety symptoms to glycemic control in recent onset type II diabetes mellitus- research from south India

Auditory perceptual learning is not affected by anticipatory anxiety in the healthy population except for highly anxious individuals: EEG evidence

A cross sectional study of socio demographic profile and psychiatric co morbidity in patients of alcohol dependence syndrome

Brain Structure and Subclinical Symptoms: A Dimensional Perspective of Psychopathology in the Depression and Anxiety Spectrum

Cognitive Moderation of CBT: Disorder-Specific or Transdiagnostic Predictors of Treatment Response

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Anxiety Spectrum 焦虑谱

Anxiety Spectrum 焦虑谱
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