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Характеристика показателей клеточного иммунитета у вакцинированных против чумы лиц, проживающих на территории Прикаспийского песчаного природного очага чумы

Novel empirical and bioinformatic approaches to characterising Plasmodium falciparum antigens and their application to a merozoite-stage vaccine candidate

A redox sensitivity-based method to quantify both pentameric and monomeric C-reactive protein in a single assay.

Differences in antigenic structure of inactivated poliovaccines made from Sabin live-attenuated and wild-type poliovirus strains: impact on vaccine potency assays.

Immunophenotyping Using Dried and Lyophilized Reagents.

Application and development of superparamagnetic nanoparticles in sample pretreatment and immunochromatographic assay

Relevance of Antibody Validation for Flow Cytometry

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Antibody Reagents 抗体试剂

Antibody Reagents 抗体试剂
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