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Alloy Phase sentence examples within scanning electron microscopy

Influence of nickel strike as adhesive layer on electrodeposited Zn-Co-Ni alloy and their performance in metal-finishing

Effects processing parameters and building orientation on the microstructural and mechanical properties of AlSilOMg parts printed by selective laser melting

Alloy Phase sentence examples within Cu Alloy Phase

The Promotion Effect of Cu on the Pd/C Catalyst in the Chemoselective Hydrogenation of Unsaturated Carbonyl Compounds

CO2 Hydrogenation to Olefin-Rich Hydrocarbons Over Fe-Cu Bimetallic Catalysts: An Investigation of Fe-Cu Interaction and Surface Species

Alloy Phase sentence examples within Si Alloy Phase

Lithiation-delithiation cycles of amorphous Si nanowires investigated by molecular dynamics simulations

Silicon-Based Anodes with Long Cycle Life for Lithium-Ion Batteries Achieved by Significant Suppression of Their Volume Expansion in Ionic-Liquid Electrolyte.

Alloy Phase sentence examples within Sn Alloy Phase

Selective Hydrogenation of Stearic Acid to 1-Octadecanol Using Bimetallic Palladium-Tin Supported on Carbon Catalysts at Mild Reaction Conditions

Behaviour of Platinum-Tin during CO2-assisted propane dehydrogenation: Insights from quick X-ray absorption spectroscopy

Alloy Phase sentence examples within Li Alloy Phase

Interfacial phenomena associated with Li electrodeposition on liquid Ga substrates in propylene carbonate

Stable lithium metal anode enabled by lithium metal partial alloying

Alloy Phase sentence examples within Cofe Alloy Phase

Unveiling the roles of Fe-Co interactions over ternary spinel-type ZnCoxFe2-xO4 catalysts for highly efficient CO2 hydrogenation to produce light olefins

La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-δ nanoparticles modified Ni-based anode for direct methane-fueled SOFCs

Alloy Phase sentence examples within Al Alloy Phase

Oxidation behaviors of compositionally complex MAX phases in air

Compressive performance and crack propagation in Al alloy/Ti2AlC composites

Alloy Phase sentence examples within Binary Alloy Phase

Supplemental Literature Review of Binary Phase Diagrams: Au-La, Ce-Pt, Co-Pt, Cr-S, Cu-Sb, Fe-Ni, Lu-Pd, Ni-S, Pd-Ti, Si-Te, Ta-V, and V-Zn

CoPt-Co hybrid supported on amino modified SiO2 nanospheres as a high performance catalyst for hydrogen generation from ammonia borane

Alloy Phase sentence examples within Zn Alloy Phase

Mechanistic Study of Carbon Dioxide Hydrogenation over Pd/ZnO‐Based Catalysts: The Role of Palladium–Zinc Alloy in Selective Methanol Synthesis

Regulating lithium nucleation and growth by zinc modified current collectors

Alloy Phase sentence examples within Formed Alloy Phase

Recovery and separation of rare earth elements by molten salt electrolysis

Uniform and dendrite-free zinc deposition enabled by in situ formed AgZn3 for the zinc metal anode

Alloy Phase sentence examples within Single Alloy Phase

Phase stabilization and oxidation of a continuous composition spread multi-principal element (AlFeNiTiVZr)1−xCrx alloy

Entropy-Driven Melting Point Depression in fcc HEAs

Alloy Phase sentence examples within Co Alloy Phase

Deoxygenations of palm oil-derived methyl esters over mono- and bimetallic NiCo catalysts

Strategy to Design-Synthesize Bimetallic Nanostructures Using the Alcohol Reduction Method.

Alloy Phase sentence examples within alloy phase diagram

Information on the Annual Report of the Ukrainian Commission on Phase Diagrams and Thermodynamics

High-Entropy Oxides: Advanced Research on Electrical Properties

Alloy Phase sentence examples within alloy phase composition

Influence of the aluminum ion implantation dose on the phase composition of submicrocrystalline titanium

Grain refinement effect on the Ti-45Nb alloy electrochemical behavior in simulated physiological solution

Alloy Phase sentence examples within alloy phase formation

Study of the influence of high-energy milling time on the Cu–13Al–4Ni alloy manufactured by powder metallurgy process

Tailoring of highly porous SnO2 and SnO2-Pd thin films

More Alloy Phase 合金相 sentence examples

Modelling of Metal Loss in Ferromanganese Furnace Tapping Operations

More Alloy Phase 合金相 sentence examples

Tuning the alloy degree for Pd-M/Al2O3 (M=Co/ Ni /Cu) bimetallic catalysts to enhance the activity and selectivity of dodecahydro-N-ethylcarbazole dehydrogenation

More Alloy Phase 合金相 sentence examples

Investigation of Cu2ZnSnS4 thin film with preannealing process and ZnS buffer layer prepared by magnetron sputtering deposition

The Effect of Manganese Ore Iron Content on Carbothermic Reduction Rates at Low Temperatures

Composition Regulation and Microstructure Characterization of Fe100-xGax Films in the Manufacturing Industry

Improvement of electrical and mechanical properties of In-48Sn solder bumps for flexible LED signage using Cu-Ag nanoparticles

Concurrent Vacancy and Adatom Defects of Mo1-xNbxSe2 Alloy Nanosheets Enhance Electrochemical Performance of Hydrogen Evolution Reaction.

More Alloy Phase 合金相 sentence examples

Interface-driven static and dynamic magnetic properties of ultrathin Fe/Ge multilayers

More Alloy Phase 合金相 sentence examples

Distribution behaviour of boron between ZrTiHfCuNi high entropy alloy and silicon

Entropy of Alloy Phases: A Macroscopic Perspective

More Alloy Phase 合金相 sentence examples

Co-treatment of electroplating sludge, copper slag, and spent cathode carbon for recovering and solidifying heavy metals.

A novel investigation on the influence of Cu–P modifier on the microstructure, mechanical performance, and melting process of Al–50Si alloys treated by overheating

More Alloy Phase 合金相 sentence examples

High-performance alloy-like ternary organic solar cells with two compatible non-fullerene acceptors

Bulk Si production from Si–Fe melts by directional-solidification, part II: Element distribution

A PdCu nanoalloy catalyst for preferential CO oxidation in the presence of hydrogen

A monodispersed CuPt alloy: synthesis and its superior catalytic performance in the hydrogen evolution reaction over a full pH range

Modificaciones de la microestructura y la capa pasiva de la aleación 2024-T3 Al-Cu durante una limpieza química empleada en la industria aeroespacial

Computationally generated maps of surface structures and catalytic activities for alloy phase diagrams

More Alloy Phase 合金相 sentence examples

Mechanical Alloying Effect on Structural, Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Sn-Bi Alloy

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of High Vacuum Die-Cast AlSiMgMn Alloys at as-Cast and T6-Treated Conditions

Revealing the Role of Gold in the Growth of Two-Dimensional Molybdenum Disulfide by Surface Alloy Formation.

More Alloy Phase 合金相 sentence examples

Structural, mechanical and thermal characteristics of Al-Cu-Li particle reinforced Al-matrix composites synthesized by microwave sintering and hot extrusion

More Alloy Phase 合金相 sentence examples

A novel process of extracting precious metals from waste printed circuit boards: Utilization of gold concentrate as a fluxing material.

More Alloy Phase 合金相 sentence examples

The Kinetics and Mechanism of Filiform Corrosion occurring on Zinc-Aluminium-Magnesium coated steel

More Alloy Phase 合金相 sentence examples

A Facile Method to Synthesize Pt–Ni Octahedral Nanoparticles with Porous and Open Structure Features for Enhanced Oxygen Reduction Catalysis

More Alloy Phase 合金相 sentence examples

Growth of Zn2GeO4 thin film by thermal evaporation on ITO substrate for thermoelectric power generation applications

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