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Adjustable EMI Shielding on Electronic Packages Realized by Electrolytic Plating

On-substrate porous-anodic-alumina-assisted gold nanostructure arrays: Meeting the challenges of various sizes and interfaces

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Spin–orbit torque engineering in β-W/CoFeB heterostructures with W–Ta or W–V alloy layers between β-W and CoFeB

Effect of Vanadium on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Laminated Nb–V/Al Composites Fabricated by Solid-Phase Technology

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Combinatorial Materials Design Approach to Investigate Adhesion Layer Chemistry for Optimal Interfacial Adhesion Strength

Improved electro-mechanical reliability of flexible systems with alloyed Mo-Ta adhesion layers

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Influence of the Parameters of Permalloy-Based Multilayer Film Structures on the Sensitivity of Magnetic Impedance Effect

Assessing the Co-Deformability of a Nickel-Based Superalloy-304L Stainless Steel Preform Manufactured through Laser Additive Manufacturing

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Interatomic interactions and structural formations in WFeNi(Ti) and MoFeNi(Ti) layers under intense plastic deformation induced by ball collisions

Laser-based structural training algorithm for acoustic emission localization and damage accumulation visualization in a bolt joint structure

Effect of Mg on Microstructure and Growth Kinetics of Zn-22.3Al-1.1Si Coating

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MD Simulations and first principles to evaluate the role of binary Fe–V alloys layer on the radiation resistance in the alpha-iron

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Effect of freeze speed on the microstructure and damage-tolerance behavior of bio-inspired ZL205A/silicon carbide composites

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Electroless deposition of Ni–P and Ni–P–Re alloys from acidic hypophosphite baths

A single layer spin-orbit torque nano-oscillator

The effect of excess selenium on the opto-electronic properties of Cu2ZnSnSe4 prepared from Cu–Sn alloy precursors

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Alloy Layers 合金层

Alloy Layers 合金层
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