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Au integrated AgPt nanorods for the oxygen reduction reaction in proton exchange membrane fuel cells

One-Pot Synthesis of Highly Efficient Carbon-Supported Polyhedral Pt3Ni Alloy Nanoparticles for Oxygen Reduction Reaction

Templated-Assisted Synthesis of Structurally Ordered Intermetallic Pt3Co with Ultralow Loading Supported on 3D Porous Carbon for Oxygen Reduction Reaction.

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Transition metal dissolution control in Pt-alloy catalyst layers for low Pt-loaded PEMFCs for improving mass transfer

Pd-Co alloy supported on TiO2 with oxygen vacancies for efficient N2 and O2 electrocatalytic reduction

Highly-dispersed mesoporous AgPtPd nanotubes as efficient electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction

Understanding the Crucial Significance of the Temperature and Potential Window on the Stability of Carbon Supported Pt-alloy Nanoparticles as Oxygen Reduction Reaction Electrocatalysts

Hierarchically skeletal multi-layered Pt-Ni nanocrystals for highly efficient oxygen reduction and methanol oxidation reactions

Pd-Ag Alloy Electrocatalysts for CO2 Reduction: Composition Tuning to Break Scaling Relationship.

Tuning Electronic Structure and Lattice Diffusion Barrier of Ternary Pt–In–Ni for Both Improved Activity and Stability Properties in Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalysis

Insight on Single Cell Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Performance of Pt-Cu/C Cathode

Oxygen Reduction Reaction over PtFeM (M = Mo, V, W) Alloy Electrocatalysts: Role of the Compressive Strain Effect on Pt

Double Passivation Water Based Galvanic Displacement Method for Reproducible Gram Scale Production of High Performance Pt-alloy Electrocatalysts.

Elucidation of ultrasonic wave-assisted electrodeposited AgPd nanoalloy from ionic liquid as an efficient bifunctional electrocatalyst for methanol oxidation and hydrogen peroxide reduction

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Alloy Electrocatalysts 合金电催化剂

Alloy Electrocatalysts 合金电催化剂
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