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Oxidation and hydrogenation of zirconium alloy E110 under electron and plasma irradiation in various conditions

On the problems of creating shells of fuel rods from zirconium alloys for tolerant fuel

On the Use of Chromium Coating for Inner-Side Fuel Cladding Protection: Thickness Identification Based on Fission Fragments Implantation and Damage Profile

Reorientation of Hydrides in Unirradiated Clad Tubes Made of Alloy E110 under Conditions Simulating Long-Term Dry Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel

Evaluation of the Corrosion State of Equipment of the First Circuit of Transport Nuclear Reactors Using the Parameters of Water Chemistry

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TEM-studies of the dislocation loops and niobium-based precipitates in E110 alloy after operation in VVER-type reactor conditions

Laser Dispersion of Titanium and Magnesium Oxides in Zr–1% Nb Alloy Affecting Surface Structure and Protective Properties

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Alloy E110 合金E110

Alloy E110 合金E110
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