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Superelastic shape memory alloy flag-shaped hysteresis model with sliding response from residual deformation: Experimental and numerical study

Seismic resilience of novel rocking bridge foundation including soil structure interaction.

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Characterising interfaces for reinforced concrete: Experiments and multiplane cohesive zone modelling for titanium alloy rebars

Analysis of the surface roughness of titanium pieces obtained by turning using different cooling systems

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A polycrystal plasticity based thermo-mechanical-dynamic recrystallization coupled modeling method and its application to light weight alloys

Mechanical Properties of Bars Produced by Hot Extrusion of Magnesium Shavings

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Temporal Evolution Of Cracking In Prestressed Concrete Studied Using A Continuous-Damage Approach

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Cu Diffusion Barrier Properties of Various CoWB Electroless Plated Films on SiO2/Si Substrate for Via-last TSV Application

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Alloy Bar 合金棒

Alloy Bar 合金棒
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