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Corrosion performance of candidate boiler tube alloys under advanced pressurized oxy-fuel combustion conditions

Effect of grain boundary engineering on corrosion behavior of nickel-based alloy 825 in sulfur environment

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Hot Deformation Behaviour and Processing Map of Cast Alloy 825

Modelling of Strengthening Mechanisms in Wrought Nickel-Based 825 Alloy Subjected to Solution Annealing

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Corrosion Behavior and Passive Film Composition of Alloy 825 in High Temperature and High H2S-CO2 Containing Environment

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Investigation of hot corrosion resistance of bare and Ni-20%Cr coated superalloy 825 to Na2SO4-60%V2O5 environment at 900°C

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Alloy 825 合金825

Alloy 825 合金825
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