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Mechanical and metallurgical studies of multi-walled carbon nanotube–reinforced aluminium metal matrix surface composite by friction stir processing

Effect of Friction Stir Processing on Microstructure, Mechanical Properties, and Corrosion Fatigue Behavior of AA5083-H111 Metal Inert Gas Welded Joint

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Study of Microscopic Residual Stresses in an Extruded Aluminium Alloy Sample after Thermal Treatment

Process - Property Correlation of Friction Stir Welding of Marine Grade Aluminium Alloy 5083 Using Finite Element Analysis

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Formation of Intermetallic Compounds at the Interface of the Friction Stir Weld and Diffusion Bond of Mg-AZ31/Al-5083 Joint

Investigating microstructural evolution at the interface of friction stir weld and diffusion bond of Al and Mg alloys

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Investigation the structure in cast and deformed states of aluminum alloy, economically alloyed with scandium and zirconium

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Alloy 5083 合金5083

Alloy 5083 合金5083
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