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High-Throughput Quantification of Surface Protein Internalization and Degradation.

Sequestering and inhibiting a vascular endothelial growth factor in vivo by systemic administration of a synthetic polymer nanoparticle

A survival selection strategy for engineering synthetic binding proteins that specifically recognize post-translationally phosphorylated proteins

Highly Sensitive and Multiplexed Protein Measurements.

A Novel Nanobody Scaffold Optimized for Bacterial Expression and Suitable for the Construction of Ribosome Display Libraries

A novel approach to immunoapheresis of C3a/C3 and proteomic identification of associates

Design of Synthetic Polymer Nanoparticles Specifically Capturing Indole, a Small Toxic Molecule.

Non-canonical amino acid labeling in proteomics and biotechnology

CHAPTER 10:Novel Recombinant Antibody and Protein-based Approaches for Analysis of Food and Food Contaminants with Particular Relevance to Asia

An engineered ultra‐high affinity Fab‐Protein G pair enables a modular antibody platform with multifunctional capability

An in Vitro Selection Strategy Identifying Naked DNA That Localizes to Cell Nuclei.

Beyond epitope binning: directed in vitro selection of complementary pairs of binding proteins.

Strategies for Development of a Next-Generation Protein Sequencing Platform.

Innovative engineering and sensing strategies for aptamer-based small-molecule detection.

An improved yeast surface display platform for the screening of nanobody immune libraries

High multiplex, digital spatial profiling of proteins and RNA in fixed tissue using genomic detection methods

β-Hairpins as peptidomimetics of human phosphoprotein-binding domains.

AFM-MS for Protein Analysis of Plasma Samples of Patients with Ovarian Cancer

Systematic assessment of antibody selectivity in plasma based on a resource of enrichment profiles

Development and application of a high-content virion display human GPCR array

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Affinity Reagents 亲和试剂

Affinity Reagents 亲和试剂
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