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Asymptotic Renormalization in Flat Space: Symplectic Potential and Charges of Electromagnetism.

Concurrency Bug Avoiding Based on Optimized Software Transactional Memory

On the Necessity of Phantom Fields for Solving the Horizon Problem in Scalar Cosmologies

A note on unfree gauge symmetry

Frenesy: time-symmetric dynamical activity in nonequilibria.

Force balance approach for advanced approximations in density functional theories.

Critical Robertson-Walker universes

In Situ Observation of Desorption and Direct Electron Transfer Reaction of Cytochrome c on Bare ITO Electrode with Electrochemical Slab Optical Waveguide Spectroscopy.

Web and Mobile Ticketing and Service Tracking for Customer Engagement of a Small Accounting Firm

Action Functional for a Particle with Damping

Conservation Laws and Stability of Field Theories of Derived Type

Marked Gibbs Point Processes with Unbounded Interaction: An Existence Result

Infinitely many sign-changing solutions to Kirchhoff-type equations

A statistical model of the firm

Observables in U (1) Chern-Simons Theory

Abstracts of lectures

Staticization-based representations for Schrödinger equations driven by Coulomb potentials

Situational Control in Stochastic Systems

On the classic geometrodynamics of a spherically-symmetric configuration of gravitational and electromagnetic fields

Variational schemes and geometric simulations for a hydrodynamic-electrodynamic model of surface plasmon polaritons.

Towards a Classification View of Personalized e-Learning with Social Collaboration Support

Using Holograms for visualizing and interacting with educational content in a Teaching Factory

Drift of Spectrally Stable Shifted States on Star Graphs

Convoider: A Concurrency Bug Avoider Based on Transparent Software Transactional Memory

An annotation dataset facilitates automatic annotation of whole-brain activity imaging of C. elegans

AirMouse: Turning a Pair of Glasses Into a Mouse in the Air

The problem of Lagrange in discrete field theory

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Action Functional 动作函数

Action Functional 动作函数
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