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Sirtuin 6 attenuates angiotensin II-induced vascular adventitial aging in rat aortae by suppressing the NF-κB pathway

Chlorpyrifos with age-dependent effects in cardiac tissue of male rats.

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Age-Related Effects on Right Femoral Bone of Male Wistar Rats: A Morphometric and Biomechanical Study

Effect of moderate exercises and curcumin on hepatic transcriptional factors associated with lipid metabolism and steatosis in elderly male rat

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Repair Effects of NGF and FPS-ZM1 on brains of epileptic rats

In Vitro Impact of Pro-Senescent Endothelial Microvesicles on Isolated Pancreatic Rat Islets Function.

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Circulating Pro-Inflammatory Exosomes Worsen Stroke Outcomes in Aging

Chronic Effect of a Cafeteria Diet and Intensity of Resistance Training on the Circulating Lysophospholipidome in Young Rats

MRI characterization of rat brain aging at structural and functional level: Clues for translational applications

Sugarcane Yield and Yield Components as Affected by Harvest Time

Partial microglial depletion is associated with impaired hippocampal synaptic and cognitive function in young and aged rats

Hydrogen sulfide restores cardioprotective effects of remote ischemic preconditioning in aged rats via HIF-1α/Nrf2 signaling pathway

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Voluntary wheel-running exercise attenuates brain aging of rats through activating miR-130a-mediated autophagy

Cholecystokinin acts in the dorsomedial hypothalamus of young male rats to suppress appetite in a nitric oxide-dependent manner

Cholinergic and Noradrenergic Modulation of Corticothalamic Synaptic Input From Layer 6 to the Posteromedial Thalamic Nucleus in the Rat

Gut Microbiota Dysbiosis as One Cause of Osteoporosis by Impairing Intestinal Barrier Function.

AM833, a Long Acting Amylin Analogue Induces Hypocalcemia in Young Rats via a Calcitonin Receptor Mediated Mechanism

Breast milk contains probiotics with anti-infantile diarrhea effects that may protect infants as they change to solid foods.

The frequency window effect of sinusoidal electromagnetic fields in promoting osteogenic differentiation and bone formation involves extension of osteoblastic primary cilia and activation of protein kinase A

Spatial learning and memory of young and aging rats following injection with human Wharton’s jelly‐mesenchymal stem cells

Altered Glycolytic Capacity, Not Mitochondrial Common Deletion, May Be Responsible For Age-Related Increases in Rat Intestinal Permeability

Probiotics, prebiotics and symbiotics attenuate chronic effects of passive smoking on physiological and biochemical parameters in rats: A randomized and controlled study

Paracrine Kynurenic Pathway Activation in the Bone of Young Uremic Rats Can Antagonize Anabolic Effects of PTH on Bone Turnover and Strength through the Disruption of PTH-Dependent Molecular Signaling

Ultra-processed food targets bone quality via endochondral ossification

Acute pre-operative ibuprofen improves cognition in a rat model for postoperative cognitive dysfunction

Caloric restriction inhibits renal artery ageing by reducing endothelin-1 expression.

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DUSP1 regulates hippocampal damage in epilepsy rats via ERK1/2 pathway


Selective adenosine A2A receptor inhibitor SCH58261 reduces oligodendrocyte loss upon brain injury in young rats

Fecal microbiota transplantation mitigates bone loss by improving gut microbiome composition and gut barrier function in aged rats

Short-term fenofibrate treatment improves ultrastructure of hepatocytes of old rats.

State of Autonomic Regulation of Heart Rhythm in Young and Old Rats before and after the Application of Different Regimens of Rhythmic Extreme Cooling

Fasting improves tolerance to acute hypoxia in rats.

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Biochemical changes related to aging in the brain of rats and the effect of alpha lipoic acid.

Age-Related Features of the Viscosity of Plasma and Mitochondrial Membranes of Hepatocytes in Liver Cirrhosis.

Whole-life body composition trajectory and longevity: role of insulin

Insights: fear of GAD

Conditioned Medium from Mesenchymal Stem Cells Alleviates Endothelial Dysfunction of Vascular Grafts Submitted to Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury in 15-Month-Old Rats

Serum PTH, PTH1R/ATF4 pathway, and the sRANKL/OPG system in bone as a new link between bone growth, cross-sectional geometry, and strength in young rats with experimental chronic kidney disease.

Ceftriaxone Treatment Weakens Long-Term Synaptic Potentiation in the Hippocampus of Young Rats

Phytoecdysteroids Do Not Have Anabolic Effects in Skeletal Muscle in Sedentary Aging Mice

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Paediatric-type follicular lymphoma arising in conjunction with pregnancy

Location of Brachial Plexus Birth Injury Affects Functional Outcomes in a Rat Model.

Endothelin B receptor dysfunction mediates elevated myogenic tone in cerebral arteries from aged male Fischer 344 rats

Enteral enriched nutrition to prevent cognitive dysfunction after surgery; a study in rats

Multi-omics reveals age-related differences in the diaphragm response to mechanical ventilation: a pilot study

Analysis of Age-Related Circular RNA Expression Profiles in Mesenchymal Stem Cells of Rat Bone Marrow

Moderately aged OFA rats as a novel model for mild age-related alterations in learning and memory

Protective Effect of GM1 Attenuates Hippocampus and Cortex Apoptosis After Ketamine Exposure in Neonatal Rat via PI3K/AKT/GSK3β Pathway.

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Aging is associated with cardiac autonomic nerve fiber depletion and reduced cardiac and circulating BDNF levels

The Association of Suppressed Hypoxia-Inducible Factor-1 Transactivation of Angiogenesis With Defective Recovery From Cerebral Ischemic Injury in Aged Rats

The ryanodine receptor stabilizer S107 ameliorates contractility of adult Rbm20 knockout rat cardiomyocytes

An O-GlcNAcylomic Approach Reveals ACLY as a Potential Target in Sepsis in the Young Rat

Swimming Training Does Not Affect the Recovery of Femoral Midshaft Structural and Mechanical Properties in Growing Diabetic Rats Treated with Insulin

Age-related reductions in the number of serial sarcomeres contribute to shorter fascicle lengths but not elevated passive tension.

Sevoflurane and isoflurane inhibit KCl-induced, Rho kinase-mediated, and PI3K-participated vasoconstriction in aged diabetic rat aortas

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Young Rat 年輕的老鼠

Young Rat 年輕的老鼠
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