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Regulated Immediacy

Smooth Criminals: Mystified Desires and Their Pursuits in Leaving Neverland

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Twenty Years of Experience in Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibroma (JNA) Preoperative Endovascular Embolization: An Effective Procedure with a Low Complications Rate

Juvenile delinquency dimension of child labour: implications for human and capital development in Nigeria

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Investigation of the effect of training on serotonin, melatonin and hematologic parameters in adolescent basketball players

Atypical haemolytic uraemic syndrome and its treatment: A case report.

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Leucocytoclastic vasculitis secondary to COVID-19 infection in a young child

Molecular characterization and genetic diversity of Loa loa parasites responsible of a long-delayed filarial infection in an immigrant patient inhabited in Paris.

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Characterizing individuals accessing mental health services in the UAE: a focus on youth living in Dubai


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Rare Clinical Presentation in a Case of Pediatric Guillain-Barré Syndrome and Rehabilitation Outcome

Pericardial Hydatidosis in a Young Boy

Algumas expressões da guerra entre facções nas unidades de internação alagoanas

Early clinical and radiological improvement in a young boy with metaphyseal anadysplasia type 2.

Isolated café-au-lait macules: Think of neurofibromatosis type V

Garre’s Osteomyelitis of the Mandible: Report of 2 Cases

Three-Dimensional-Printed Drill Guides for Occipitothoracic Fusion in a Pediatric Patient With Occipitocervical Instability

Muscle Architecture and Maturation Influence Sprint and Jump Ability in Young Boys: A Multistudy Approach.

Fishy business in Samoa! A rare foreign body case presentation of a live fish in the oropharynx

Giant compound odontoma of the mandible in an adolescent

Hydatid cyst of spleen: A rare presentation

Leaking Mycotic Aneurysm of Abdominal Aorta in a 14-Year-Old Boy with Infective Endocarditis and Severe Mitral Regurgitation—A Rare Case Report

Women in Fundamentalism: Modesty, Marriage, and Motherhood

Hypothermia induced by therapeutic doses of antipyretics: misdiagnosis of cold sepsis

Miller Fisher Syndrome and Boomerang Sign: A Rare Presentation of Typhoid Fever

Being ready, willing and able: understanding the dynamics of family planning decision-making through community-based group discussions in the Northern Region, Ghana

Commentary on “Development of a novel fully functional coagulation factor VIII with reduced immunogenicity utilizing an in silico prediction and deimmunization approach” ‐ Will we ever be able to avoid inhibitor formation in hemophilia A?

Lowe Syndrome: A Complex Clinical Diagnosis with a Novel Mutation in the OCRL Gene

Micro-dystrophin gene therapy prevents heart failure in an improved Duchenne muscular dystrophy cardiomyopathy mouse model

Coming of age in Milano: Ermanno Olmi from sponsored cinema to feature filmmaking

Gender Differences in the Level of Anxiety of Young Adults During COVID-19

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Features of educational adaptation of young girls and young boys who are in institutions of higher medical education, using the distance format of the educational process

Advances in autism research, 2021: continuing to decipher the secrets of autism

Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in a patient with proteasome-associated auto-inflammatory syndrome (PRAAS).

Factors Determining Paid and Unpaid Work in Young Adults: Evidence from a Cohort Study in Bihar, India

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Banaadiri Fishing Geeraarro

Follicular mucinosis in an 11-year-old boy.

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Does Gender Differences Exist in Online Newspaper Consumption among Pakistani Youth?

How Does Male Readership Impact Character Portrayals in Contemporary Young Adult Adventure Novels?

Atypical benign partial epilepsy and a new variant of SLC35A3 gene plus 2p25.1 duplication. Phenotypic-Genotypic correlation?

The Library Of Gromma

‘Securing the disaster zone. Assessing the damage. Sifting through the rubble’. The early stages of psychotherapy with a traumatized boy

A case of idiopathic acquired leukonychia totalis in a 17‐year‐old boy

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A Case of Possible IgG4-Related Disease with Bilateral Optic Neuropathy and Bilateral Hippocampal Bleed

Airway management in huge ranula

Epstein-Barr Virus-associated Pulmonary Tumor: A Pediatric Case and Discussion of the Literature

Cervical Cancer: 90-70-90 and Palliative Care

Down syndrome with bilateral posterior lenticonus

Mutation in PHACTR1 associated with multifocal epilepsy with infantile spasms and hypsarrhythmia

Developmental Factors That Predict Head Movement During Resting-State fMRI in Preschool-Age Children

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Young Boy 年輕的男孩

Young Boy 年輕的男孩
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