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Sexual and Reproductive Health Challenges of female-headed Households, a Qualitative Study in Iran

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Evaluation of the self and its relationship with social anxiety and entrepreneurship among female-headed households supported by imam khomeini relief committee (RA) west Azerbaijan province, city of Urmia: A review

Empowerment of women as head of poor family through the P2WKSS program in Bekasi City

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Women Heads of State and Covid-19 Policy Responses

Resilience During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Female Heads of Household Residing in a Marginal Population in Lima

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Covid-19 Response and Protracted Exclusion of Informal Settlement Residents in Freetown, Sierra Leone

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Women Executives: Empowering Women Through Selection in Germany and Brazil

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Relationship between Role of Civil Associations and Achieve the social protection of Women Heads of Household.

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