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Transcriptome analysis of a thermophilic and hydrogenogenic carboxydotroph Carboxydothermus pertinax

Phenotypic Plasticity of Fibroblasts during Mammary Carcinoma Development

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Transcription factor TEAD1 is essential for vascular development by promoting vascular smooth muscle differentiation

Identification of urban particulate matter-induced disruption of human respiratory mucosa integrity using whole transcriptome analysis and organ-on-a chip

Whole Transcriptome Analysis sentence examples within whole transcriptome analysis showed

Acute depletion of CTCF directly affects MYC regulation through loss of enhancer–promoter looping

FGF family members differentially regulate maturation and proliferation of stem cell-derived astrocytes

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Competing endogenous RNA regulatory network of factor inhibiting HIF inhibitor as radioprotector for gastrointestinal toxicity via activating hypoxia-inducible factor-1 pathway

Reverse Plasticity Underlies Rapid Evolution by Clonal Selection within Populations of Fibroblasts Propagated on a Novel Soft Substrate

Differential Marker Expression between Keratinocyte Stem Cells and Their Progeny Generated from a Single Colony

EZH2 inhibitor enhances the STING agonist-induced antitumor immunity in melanoma.

Tissue Microbiome Associated With Human Diseases by Whole Transcriptome Sequencing and 16S Metagenomics

The Hippo pathway component Wwc2 is a key regulator of embryonic development and angiogenesis in mice

The Dual Effect of the HDAC Inhibitor Romidepsin on Androgen Receptor Signaling and DNA Damage Repair in Prostate Cancer.

CtBP1/2 differentially regulate genomic stability and DNA repair pathway in high-grade serous ovarian cancer cell

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Transcriptome modulation by the beneficial fungus Trichoderma longibrachiatum drives water stress response and recovery in tomato

Transcriptome Analysis Identifies a Gene Cluster for the Biosynthesis of Biruloquinone, a Rare Phenanthraquinone, in a Lichen-Forming Fungus Cladonia macilenta

The cryptic gonadotropin-releasing hormone neuronal system of human basal ganglia

Integrative Analysis of Sorghum Bicolor Green Prop Roots Under Elevated CO2 and Water Deficit Conditions

Efficient conversion of human induced pluripotent stem cells into microglia by defined transcription factors

Expression of peat moss VASCULAR RELATED NAC-DOMAIN homologs in Nicotiana benthamiana leaf cells induces ectopic secondary wall formation.

RNA Sequencing of Early-Stage Gastric Adenocarcinoma Reveals Multiple Activated Pathways and Novel Long Non-Coding RNAs in Patient Tissue Samples.

RNA-Seq analysis reveals critical transcriptome changes caused by sodium butyrate in DN mouse models

Whole-transcriptome analysis of serum neuron-derived exosomes reveals specific signature for autism spectrum disorder in Chinese children

BET Protein-Mediated Transcriptional Regulation in Heart Failure

Germ-line mutations in WDR77 predispose to familial papillary thyroid cancer

The cryptic gonadotropin-releasing hormone neuronal system of human basal ganglia

Whole-transcriptome analysis of differentially expressed genes in the mutant and normal capitula of Chrysanthemum morifolium

Klebsiella pneumoniae infection causes mitochondrial damage and dysfunction in bovine mammary epithelial cells

Whole-Transcriptome Analysis of LncRNAs Mediated ceRNA Regulation in Granulosa Cells Isolated From Healthy and Atresia Follicles of Chinese Buffalo

Interpretation of genomic sequence variants in genetic skin diseases: A primer for clinicians.

Radiosensitizing Pancreatic Cancer with PARP Inhibitor and Gemcitabine: An In Vivo and a Whole-Transcriptome Analysis after Proton or Photon Irradiation

ceRNA regulatory network of FIH inhibitor as a radioprotector for gastrointestinal toxicity by activating the HIF-1 pathway

A case of primary CNS embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma with PAX3-NCOA2 fusion and systematic meta-review

Genetic Rescue of Fragile X Syndrome Links FMRP Deficiency to Codon Optimality-Dependent RNA Destabilization

Cellular stressors may alter islet hormone cell proportions by moderation of alternative splicing patterns

De novo transcriptome sequencing and gene expression profiling with/without B-chromosome plants of Lilium amabile

Whole transcriptome analysis of the pectoralis major muscle reveals molecular mechanisms involved with white striping in broiler chickens

Expression profiling of atopic dermatitis patients with a history of recurrent eczema herpeticum reveals dysregulation of type 2‐inflammation and barrier‐related pathways in uninvolved skin: 372

Investigation on the effect of sonic stimulation on Xanthomonas campestris at the whole transcriptome level

OxyR and the hydrogen peroxide stress response in Caulobacter crescentus.

Composed endotypes to guide antibiotic discontinuation in sepsis

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Genome wide association studies and whole transcriptomic survey decipher the fruit texture regulation in apple towards the selection of novel superior accessions

Biohydrogen production of obligate anaerobic archaeon Thermococcus onnurineus NA1 under oxic conditions via overexpression of frhAGB-encoding hydrogenase genes

Escherichia coli O157:H7 transcriptome datasets for comparison of RNA-seq and microarray platforms

Breast cancer PAM50 signature: correlation and concordance between RNA-Seq and digital multiplexed gene expression technologies in a triple negative breast cancer series

Modulation of innate immunity in carp : Diverse approaches to ß-glucanmediated responses

Liver haploinsufficiency of RuvBL1 causes hepatic insulin resistance and enhances hepatocellular carcinoma progression

miR-221 and -222 target CACNA1C and KCNJ5 leading to altered cardiac ion channel expression and current density

Interaction between androgen receptor and coregulator SLIRP is regulated by Ack1 tyrosine kinase and androgen

ROR2 induces cell apoptosis via activating IRE1α/JNK/CHOP pathway in high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma in vitro and in vivo

Morphologic and genomic characterization of urothelial to sarcomatoid transition in muscle-invasive bladder cancer.

Long non-coding RNA and MicroRNA profiling provides comprehensive insight into non-coding RNA involved host immune responses in ALV-J-infected chicken primary macrophage.

Fibroblast polarization over the myocardial infarction time continuum shifts roles from inflammation to angiogenesis

Quantitation of mRNA Transcripts and Proteins Using the BD Rhapsody™ Single-Cell Analysis System.

Gasdermin D Hypermethylation Inhibits Pyroptosis And LPS-Induced IL-1β Release From NK92 Cells

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Anti-Pathogenic Efficacy and Molecular Targets of a Polyherbal Wound- Care Formulation (Herboheal) Against Staphylococcus aureus.

Tendon response to matrix unloading is determined by the patho-physiological niche

Calcium transcriptionally regulates movement, recombination and other functions of Xylella fastidiosa under constant flow inside microfluidic chambers

MiR-1287-5p inhibits triple negative breast cancer growth by interaction with phosphoinositide 3-kinase CB, thereby sensitizing cells for PI3Kinase inhibitors

Where does psoriasis hold out in the era of biologics?

Helicobacter pylori Stress-Response: Definition of the HrcA Regulon

Optimized protocol for the hepatic differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells in a fluidic microenvironment

Functional heritage: the evolution of chimeric RNA into a gene

Understanding aurodox: A Type III secretion system inhibitor from Streptomyces goldiniensis

Abstract 5228: Acute depletion of CTCF disrupts enhancer-promoter regulation ofMYCin B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia

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