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Stability of Stone–Wales defect in two-dimensional honeycomb crystals

The electronic and optical properties of the Fe,Co,Ni and Cu doped ZnO monolayer photocatalyst

Highly efficient catalytic properties of Sc and Fe single atoms stabilized on a honeycomb borophene/Al(111) heterostructure via a dual charge transfer effect.

Thermoelectric performance in two-dimensional CX (X=Si, Ge, Sn) compounds

Band Gap and Vibration Reduction Properties of Damped Rail with Two-Dimensional Honeycomb Phononic Crystals

19-Element 2D Top-Emitting VCSEL Arrays

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Honeycomb lattice in metal-rich chalcogenide Fe2Te

Topological phonon-magnon hybrid excitations in a two-dimensional honeycomb ferromagnet

Adatom-induced dislocation annihilation in epitaxial silicene

Directional emission of the edge states from the photonic topological structure composed of two-dimensional honeycomb photonic crystals

Gap solitons in Bose–Einstein condensate loaded in a honeycomb optical lattice: Nonlinear dynamical stability, tunneling, and self-trapping

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Research progress on the biomedical uses of graphene and its derivatives

Electric-field-generated topological states in a silicene nanotube

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Analysis on the Conductivity of Graphene-based Composite Material

Transport induced dimer state from topological corner states

Near Fermi Superatom State Stabilized by Surface State Resonances in a Multiporous Molecular Network

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