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Dynamics of Switched Reluctance Linear Tubular Motor for Reciprocating Water Pump

Design and Optimization of a Homopolar Permanent-Magnet Linear Tubular Motor Equipped With the E-Core Stator

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Mechanical counterbalance of kinesin and dynein motors in microtubular network regulates cell mechanics, 3D architecture, and mechanosensing

Mechanical Counterbalance of Kinesin and Dynein Motors in a Microtubular Network Regulates Cell Mechanics, 3D Architecture, and Mechanosensing.

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Cargo Transportation and Methylene Blue Degradation by Using Fuel‐Powered Micromotors

Nonequilibrium atomistic molecular dynamics simulation of tubular nanomotor propelled by bubble propulsion.

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Konstrukcja silnika liniowego tubowego oraz stanowiska do badań silników liniowych

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Design and Fabrication of Tubular Micro/Nanomotors via 3D Laser Lithography.

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