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Partially airborne allergic contact dermatitis to rubber additives in a car mechanic

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Role of Oxidative Stress and Antioxidants in Thiram-induced Tibial Dyschondroplasia

Effect of M-resin-based Stabilizer on the Performance of SBS Modified Asphalt

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Echis carinatus snake venom metalloprotease-induced toxicities in mice: Therapeutic intervention by a repurposed drug, Tetraethyl thiuram disulfide (Disulfiram).

Continuous synthesis of tetraethyl thiuram disulfide with CO2 as acid agent in a gas-liquid microdispersion system

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Demonstration of N,N-Dimethyldithiocarbamate as a Copper-Dependent Antibiotic against Multiple Upper Respiratory Tract Pathogens

Enhancing the Activity of Silver Nanowire Membranes by Electrochemical Cyclic Voltammetry as Highly Sensitive Flexible SERS Substrate for On-Site Analysis

Highly sensitively detecting tetramethylthiuram disulfide based on synergistic contribution of metal and semiconductor in stable Ag/TiO2 core-shell SERS substrates

Cross-Linked Density Determination of Natural Rubber Compounds by Different Analytical Techniques

Potential Eco-friendly Application of Sugarcane Bagasse Ash in the Rubber Industry

Microfluidic electrosynthesis of thiuram disulfides

Regioselective C-H dithiocarbamation of indolizines with tetraalkylthiuram disulfide under metal-free conditions.

Nitrosamine-safe thiuram disulfide and benzothiazole sulfenamide as a synergistic pair of accelerators for the vulcanization of rubber

Regioselective Synthesis of Sulfonyl-Containing Benzyl Dithiocarbamates through Copper-Catalyzed Thiosulfonylation of Styrenes.

Generation and Spectroscopic Identification of the Thiuram Radical (CH3)2NCS2.

A linear molecule sulfur-rich organic cathode material for high performance lithium–sulfur batteries

Branched polystyrenes from suspension “Strathclyde” polymerization using a vulcanization accelerator as a chain transfer agent


Synthesis of alkyl dithiocarbamates by using thiuram disulfide reagents: A metal-free C(sp3)-S bond formation

Selective synthesis of aryl thioamides and aryl-α-ketoamides from α-oxocarboxylic acids and tetraalkylthiuram disulfides: an unexpected chemoselectivity from aryl sulfonyl chlorides

Flexible and adhesive tape decorated with silver nanorods for in-situ analysis of pesticides residues and colorants

In situ synthesis of low-cost and large-scale flexible metal nanoparticle–polymer composite films as highly sensitive SERS substrates for surface trace analysis

Synthesis of ternary sulfide nanomaterials using dithiocarbamate complexes as single source precursors

Fe(II) and Fe(III) dithiocarbamate complexes as single source precursors to nanoscale iron sulfides: a combined synthetic and in situ XAS approach

Biological Visual Detection for Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation toward Pesticide Detoxification

Copper-Catalyzed Synthesis of S-Aryl Dithiocarbamates from Tetraalkylthiuram Disulfides and Aryl Iodides in Water

The Development of New Formulations on the Basis of Сarbamide Formaldehyde Resin for Advanced Noise-Absorbing Materials

Synthesis of PMMA-based block copolymers by consecutive irreversible and reversible addition–fragmentation chain transfer polymerizations

Allergie de contact sévère aux Thiurams sur préservatif sans latex

Osthole: A Coumarin Derivative Assuage Thiram-Induced Tibial Dyschondroplasia by Regulating BMP-2 and RUNX-2 Expressions in Chickens

Tin(II) Complexes Based on N-Alkyl-Substituted o-Amidophenolate Ligands: Acid–Base and Redox Transformations

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Thiuram Disulfide 二硫化秋蘭姆

Thiuram Disulfide 二硫化秋蘭姆
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