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DNA-RNA Hybrid (R-Loop): From a Unified Picture of the Mammalian Telomere to the Genome-Wide Profile

TERRA Gene Expression in Gastric Cancer: Role of hTERT

Long non-coding RNAs at work on telomeres: Functions and implications in cancer therapy.

TERRA G-quadruplex RNA interaction with TRF2 GAR domain is required for telomere integrity

Telomere transcription in MLL-rearranged acute leukemia: increased levels of TERRA associate with lymphoid lineage and are independent of telomere length and ploidy

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Effects of Psychological Stress on Telomeres as Genome Regulators

TERRA: A Novel Biomarker of Embryo Quality and Art Outcome

Sir4 Deficiency Reverses Cell Senescence by Sub-Telomere Recombination

Targeting of Telomeric Repeat-Containing RNA G-Quadruplexes: From Screening to Biophysical and Biological Characterization of a New Hit Compound

Telomere-specific chromatin capture using a pyrrole–imidazole polyamide probe for the identification of proteins and non-coding RNAs

Transcriptional regulation of telomeric repeat-containing RNA by acridine derivatives.

Telomeric repeat-containing ribonucleic acid (TERRA) expression in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

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