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On the importance of including devolatilized stellar abundances in determining the composition of rocky exoplanets

The supernova remnant population of the Small Magellanic Cloud

Predicted bulk compositions and geodynamical properties of terrestrial exoplanets in the Solar neighbourhood

The (im)possibility of strong chemical tagging

Intermediate-size fullerenes as degradation products of interstellar polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Diving into Exoplanets: Are Water Seas the Most Common?

Observational constraints on the origin of the elements II. 3D non-LTE formation of Ba ii lines in the solar atmosphere

Influence of sub- and super-solar metallicities on the compositions of solid planetary building blocks.

Origin of the excess of high-energy retrograde stars in the Galactic halo

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Stellar Abundances 恆星豐度

Stellar Abundances 恆星豐度
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