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New symmetry-induced scaling laws of passive scalar transport in turbulent plane jets

Spatially evolving cascades in temporal planar jets

Evolution of Transient Saturated Zones and Stability Analysis of High Liquid Limit Red Clay Slope under Rainfall Conditions

Rippling Ferroic Phase Transition and Domain Switching In 2D Materials.

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Spontaneous formation of waves, channels and levees in geophysical mass flows

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Fractal evolution of urban street networks in form and structure: a case study of Hong Kong

Direct numerical simulation of a three-dimensional spatially evolving compressible mixing layer laden with particles. II. Turbulence anisotropy and growth rate

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The importance of non-normal contributions to velocity gradient tensor dynamics for spatially developing, inhomogeneous, turbulent flows

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Relating global and local stochastic receptivity analysis of boundary layer flows

Image-based modelling of the skin-friction coefficient in compressible boundary-layer transition

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Dynamics of the Spatio-Temporal Wave-Front in 2D Framework

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Dissipation Element Analysis of Turbulent Premixed Jet Flames

Wall Temperature Effects on the Reynold Stress of Flat-Plate Turbulent Boundary Layer: a Numerical Investigation

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