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TM Electromagnetic Scattering from PEC Polygonal Cross-Section Cylinders: A New Analytical Approach for the Efficient Evaluation of Improper Integrals Involving Oscillating and Slowly Decaying Functions

Efficient Evaluation of Slowly Converging Integrals Arising from MAP Application to a Spectral-Domain Integral Equation

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On accuracy of numerical solution to boundary value problems on infinite domains with slow decay

Tail-free self-accelerating solitons and vortices

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Quantifying the Effects of Gyroless Flying of the Mars Express Spacecraft with Machine Learning

Investigation of Mg and Si doping at different temperature for multi-color micro-LEDs with tunnel junctions (Conference Presentation)

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Analysis of the Meteorological Condition of Tropical Cyclone Cempaka and Its Effect on Heavy Rainfall in Java Island

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