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Crust and shallow mantle structure of south India by inverting interpolated receiver function with surface wave dispersion

High‐Resolution Constraints on Pacific Upper Mantle Petrofabric Inferred From Surface‐Wave Anisotropy

The geotectonic features of the Southeast Indian Ridge and its current research progress

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Cooling of the lithosphere beneath the Nansha Block, South China Sea

Fabrics and water contents of peridotites in the Neotethyan Luobusa ophiolite, southern Tibet: implications for mantle recycling in supra-subduction zones

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Sabbea gen. nov., a new diatom genus (Bacillariophyta) from continental Antarctica

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The role of mantle melts in the transition from rifting to seafloor spreading offshore eastern North America

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Origin of widespread Cretaceous alkaline magmatism in the Central Atlantic: A single melting anomaly?

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