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Design and Analysis of Dual-Core D-Shape Photonic Crystal Fiber Biosensor

Sensitivity enhancement of an SPR biosensor with a graphene and blue phosphorene/transition metal dichalcogenides hybrid nanostructure.

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Study to Alter the Nuisance Effect of Non-Response Using Scrambled Mechanism

A modified randomized device for estimation of population mean of quantitative sensitive variable with measure of privacy protection

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Design of Flexible Curved Sensor Array for Wind Pressure Monitoring of Train Bogie

A flexible sandwich structure strain sensor based on silver nanowires and PDMS with excellent sensing capability

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Crowd-Sensing Assisted Vehicular Distributed Computing for HD Map Update

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One-pot preparation of thermosensitive polylactic acid materials by modifying with N-Isopropyl acrylamide

Xenografts derived from patients with head and neck cancer recapitulate patient tumour properties

Method of predicting nonlinear pilot-induced oscillations due to flight control degradation based on digital virtual flight

Improved temperature compensation of fiber Bragg grating-based sensors applied to structures under different loading conditions

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Subwavelength elastic topological negative refraction in ternary locally resonant phononic crystals

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Reduced GPR based RF Approach for Fault Diagnosis of Wind Energy Conversion Systems

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A Polarization-Insensitive Coding Metasurface with Wideband RCS Reduction

Experimental Investigation on Vortex-Induced Vibration of Deep-Sea Risers of Different Excitation Water Depths

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Dynamic tests of the collapse-prevention performance of a low-ductility low-rise steel concentrically braced frame

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Van der Waals heterojunction ReSe2/WSe2 polarization-resolved photodetector

Sensors based on tin dioxide thin films for the detection of pre-explosive hydrogen concentrations

Study on Stress-Dependent Permeability of Fracture Networks in Fractured Porous Media

Deep learning for typhoon intensity classification using satellite cloud images

Priority-Aware Reinforcement-Learning-Based Integrated Design of Networking and Control for Industrial Internet of Things

Dual wideband, polarization, angle-insensitive diffusion electromagnetic surfaces for radar cross section reduction

Two sensitive characteristics and their overlap with two questions per card.

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Study on deformation characteristics of fractures in different directions with constant volume boundary conditions

Simultaneous Control of Absorbing Frequency and Amplitude Using Graphene Capacitor and Active Frequency-Selective Surface

Silencing of ZFP36L2 increases sensitivity to temozolomide through G2/M cell cycle arrest and BAX mediated apoptosis in GBM cells.

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Temperature dependent performance of lead phthalocyanine phototransistors

Investigation on a multiwindow spin Hall effect and its applications based on a periodic superconducting structure with evanescent waves

Self-assembling antioxidants for ischemia-reperfusion injuries.

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Стабильность сенсоров паров жидких углеводородов на основе тонких пленок SnO-=SUB=-2-=/SUB=-, модифицированных различными катализаторами

A Refined Composite Multivariate Multiscale Fluctuation Dispersion Entropy and Its Application to Multivariate Signal of Rotating Machinery

The Radiation Hardness of Quantum Dot Embedded in High Electron Mobility Transistor Force-Sensitive Structure

Numerical Investigation of Multistage Fractured Horizontal Wells considering Multiphase Flow and Geomechanical Effects

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Research on Single Event Effects of Ethernet MAC Controller on Manned Spacecraft

Preparation and luminescence performance of thermochromic luminescent fiber based on reversible thermochromic red pigment

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Core Loss and Deformation Computation in Permanent Magnet Linear Motors Considering the Effect of Stress on Magnetic and Magnetostrictive Properties

Influence of Volatile Content on the Explosion Characteristics of Coal Dust

Application of artificial intelligence in gastroenterology: Potential role in clinical practice

Randomized Response Sampling with Applications to Tracking Drugs for Better Life

Design and analysis of a broadband metamaterial absorber applied to visible light band

Vertically Stacked Full Color Quantum Dots Phototransistor Arrays for High-Resolution and Enhanced Color-Selective Imaging.

pH/ROS dual-sensitive and chondroitin sulfate wrapped poly (β-amino ester)-SA-PAPE copolymer nanoparticles for macrophage-targeted oral therapy for ulcerative colitis.

Electrodeposition of Large Area, Angle-Insensitive Multilayered Structural Colors.

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Peptide functionalized dual-responsive chitosan nanoparticles for controlled drug delivery to breast cancer cells

THz Polarization-Sensitive Characterization of Large-Area Multilayer Rhenium Diselenide Nanofilm.

Berberine associated photodynamic therapy promotes autophagy and apoptosis via ROS generation in renal carcinoma cells.

The Unexplored World of Human Virome, Mycobiome, and Archaeome in Aging.

Vertically aligned ZnO/Ga2O3 core/shell nanowire arrays as self-driven superior sensitivity solar-blind photodetectors

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Modal Strain Energy-based Structural Damage Identification: A Review and Comparative Study

Paper-Based ZnS:Cu Alternating Current Electroluminescent Devices for Current Humidity Sensors with High–Linearity and Flexibility

Enclave-based privacy-preserving localization: poster

Fault Diagnosis of Rolling Bearing Using Multiscale Amplitude-Aware Permutation Entropy and Random Forest

Preparation of Micro-Patterned CaMn7O12 Ceramic Films via a Photosensitive Sol-Gel Method

Dynamical topology of highly aggregated input–output networks

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Polyethylene glycol-coated porous magnetic nanoparticles for targeted delivery of chemotherapeutics under magnetic hyperthermia condition

A Wideband and Polarization-insensitive Switchable Absorber/Reflector with Simple Biasing Configuration

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Fused Image Quality Assessment Based on Human Vision

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Factor Analysis for Bicluster Acquisition (FABIA) revealed vincristine-sensitive transcript pattern of canine transmissible venereal tumors

Isolation Enhancement for Wideband, Circularly/Dual-Polarized, High-Density Patch Arrays Using Planar Parasitic Resonators

Clinical Trials of Thermosensitive Nanomaterials: An Overview

Non-Randomized Response Models: An Experimental Application of the Triangular Model as an Indirect Questioning Method for Sensitive Topics

New American and European Hypertension Guidelines, Reconciling the Differences

In-situ Electrochemical Synthesis of Novel Lithium-rich Organic Cathode for All-organic Li-ion Full Batteries.

A Highly Sensitive Substrate Integrated Waveguide Interferometer Applied to Humidity Sensing

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A long-term mechanical cavopulmonary support device for patients with Fontan circulation.

Влияние акустического замораживания на показатели структуры сублимированной клубники

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Production of conjugated fatty acids: A review of recent advances.

Effect of Metal on the Properties of the Azopyridine Complexes of Iron, Ruthenium and Osmium

Structural Features of Cu–Ag Alloys Obtained via Mechanical Alloying with the Use of Cold and Cryogenic Severe Plastic Deformation

Ultra-Broadband and Polarization-Insensitive Tunable Metasurface Absorber

Credit Card Fraud Detection based on CSat-Related AdaBoost

A Method for Detecting Dynamic Mutation of Complex Systems Using Improved Information Entropy

Dynamic Preamble Grouping and Access Control Scheme in Machine-to-Machine Communication

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Study on pressure sensitivity of smart polymer concrete based on steel slag

Near-infrared emissive carbon dots with 33.96% emission in aqueous solution for cellular sensing and light-emitting diodes

Toward Probabilistic Prediction of Flash Flood Human Impacts.

Networked Operation of a UAV Using Gaussian Process-Based Delay Compensation and Model Predictive Control

Effect of Additives Ag and Rare‐Earth Elements Y and Sc on the Properties of Hydrogen Sensors Based on Thin SnO2 Films during Long‐Term Testing

Intelligent Electromagnetic Compatibility Management of Cell Phones by Using Knowledge Graphs

Reduced-Bias Co-trained Ensembles for Weakly Supervised Cyberbullying Detection

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A composite class of estimators using scrambled response mechanism for sensitive population mean in successive sampling

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