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Investigation of the raveling potential of thin friction course (TFC) under freeze–thaw conditions

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The effect of styrene-butadiene rubber and ethylene vinyl acetate polymers on the mechanical properties of Engineered Cementitious Composites

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Study on UV aging resistance of nano-TiO2/montmorillonite/styrene-butadiene rubber composite modified asphalt based on rheological and microscopic properties

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Enhancing the performance of hyposludge concrete beams using basalt fiber and latex under cyclic loading

Energy Absorption Capacity of SBR Latex-Modified Ordinary Portland Cement by Charpy Impact Test

Effects of octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane grafting and in situ silica particle generation on the curing and mechanical properties of a styrene butadiene rubber composite

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Evaluation of mechanical properties of cement slurries containing SBR latex subjected to high temperatures

Strengthened, recyclable shape memory rubber films with a rigid filler nano-capillary network

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The role of interface in gas barrier properties of styrene butadiene rubber-reduced graphene oxide composites

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Effect of styrene-butadiene rubber latex on the rheological behavior and pore structure of cement paste

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