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A Novel Method for Dynamic Pressure and Velocity Measurement Related to a Power Cartridge Using a Velocity Test Rig for Water-Jet Disruptor Applications

Effect of Substrate Surface Roughness on Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Cold-Sprayed Ti6Al4V Coatings on Ti6Al4V Substrates

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The Mystery of the North Sea Bluefin Tuna

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Modeling and simulation of bullet-barrel interaction process for the damaged gun barrel

SmartFire: Intelligent Platform for Monitoring Fire Extinguishers and Their Building Environment

Self-similar turbulent vortex rings: interaction of propellant gases with blood backspatter and the transport of gunshot residue

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Premixing-type liquefied gas bipropellant thruster using nitrous oxide/dimethyl ether

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A novel approach for manufacturing oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) steel cladding tubes using cold spray technology

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Design and optimization of Permanent Magnet Shock Loading Buffer

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