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Verifiable outsourced computation over encrypted data

LW-AKA: A Security Protocol for Integrated RFID and IoT Based Smart Home Security System

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Procurement strategy determining and supply chain coordination with random yields

Potato Value Chain Analysis: the Case of Lemo Woreda, Hadiyya Zone

Enhanced Direct Power Control Strategy of a DFIG-Based Wind Energy Conversion System Operating Under Random Conditions

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Deep Neural Networks for Predicting Solar Radiation at Hail Region, Saudi Arabia

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Adaptive flow assignment for CO2 transcritical power cycle (CTPC): An engine operational profile-based off-design study

Impact of Using Chevrons Nozzle on the Acoustics and Performances of a Micro Turbojet Engine

Sizing and improving performances of a photovoltaic water pumping system for irrigation in Jerid Tunisia

A hybrid Petri net model for performance analysis of electric transit systems with fast battery charging

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Solutions of reaction-diffusion equations using similarity reduction and HSSOR iteration

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Performance Analysis of Various SDN Controllers in Mininet Emulator

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