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Abyssal Serpentinites: Transporting Halogens from Earth’s Surface to the Deep Mantle

K-rich hydrous mantle lithosphere beneath the Ontong Java Plateau: Significance for the genesis of oceanic basalts and Archean continents

Ancient Melt Depletion and Metasomatic History of the Subduction Zone Mantle: Osmium Isotope Evidence of Peridotites from the Yap Trench, Western Pacific

Neither antigorite nor its dehydration is “metastable”

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Subduction of the Mesoarchaean spreading ridge and related metamorphism, magmatism and deformation by the example of the Gridino eclogitized mafic dyke swarm, the Belomorian Eclogite Province, eastern Fennoscandian Shield

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Geochemical and geochronological constraints on the tectonic setting of the Xinlin ophiolite, northern Great Xing’an Range, NE China

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Lithostratigraphy and petrography of the Monte Banchetta-Punta Rognosa oceanic succession (Troncea and Chisonetto Valleys, Western Alps)

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Geochemistry and age of seamounts in the West Pacific: mantle processes and petrogenetic implications

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Geoheritage at the Equator: Revisiting Selected Geosites of São Tomé Island (Cameron Line, Central Africa)

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