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A novel loop-mediated isothermal amplification-lateral-flow-dipstick (LAMP-LFD) device for rapid detection of Toxoplasma gondii in the blood of stray cats and dogs

Instrument-free enrichment and detection of phosphopeptides using paper-based Phos-PAD.

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Cerium oxide-based hypoxanthine biosensor for Fish spoilage monitoring

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Portable Microwave Sensor Based on Frequency-Selective Surface for Grain Moisture Content Monitoring

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Portable deep learning singlet multi-spectral microscope

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A smartphone-based multi-wavelength photometer for on-site detection of the liquid colorimetric assays for clinical biochemical analyses

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Portable and automated analyzer for rapid and high precision in vitro dissolution of drugs

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Effects of cellulose/salicylaldehyde thiosemicarbazone complexes on PVA based hydrogels: Portable, reusable, and high-precision luminescence sensing of Cu2.

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Neural network analysis of bone vibration signals to assesses bone density

Tunable Dynamic Black Phosphorus/Insulator/Si Heterojunction Direct-Current Generator Based on the Hot Electron Transport

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Electrochemistry-Regulated Recyclable SERS Sensor for Sensitive and Selective Detection of Tyrosinase Activity.

Organic-free, versatile sessile droplet microfluidic device for chemical separation using an aqueous two-phase system.

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