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Characterization of Commercial TiO2 P90 Modified with ZnO by the Impregnation Method

Removal of mercury ions from aqueous by functionalized LUS-1 with Bis [3-(triethoxysilyl) propyl] tetrasulfide as an effective nanocomposite using response surface methodology (RSM)

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Synthesis of graphene-MnxOy nanocomposite as electrode sensors of profenofos

Electrochemical study of copper oxide and activated charcoal based nanocomposite electrode for supercapacitor

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Preparation of cubic-shaped sorafenib-loaded nanocomposite using well-defined poly(vinyl alcohol alt-propenylene) copolymer.

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One-step synthesis of magnetic-TiO2-nanocomposites with high iron oxide-composing ratio for photocatalysis of rhodamine 6G

A Superior Method for Constructing Electrical Percolation Network of Nanocomposite Fibers: In Situ Thermally Reduced Silver Nanoparticles.

Poly (ε-caprolactone) Microsphere Decorated with Nano-ZnO Based Phytoformulation: A Promising Antimicrobial Agent

Functionalization of a carbon nanofiber with a tetrasulfonatophenyl ruthenium(II)porphine complex for real-time amperometric sensing of chlorpromazine

An Improved Method for Fabrication of Ag-GO Nanocomposite with Controlled Anti-Cancer and Anti-bacterial Behavior; A Comparative Study

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