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Electromagnetic Characterization of a Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes–Silver Nanoparticles-Reinforced Polyvinyl Alcohol Hybrid Nanocomposite in X-Band Frequency

Hybrid nanocomposite as a chest wall graft with improved integration by adipose-derived stem cells

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Graphene oxide/polyaniline-based microwave split-ring resonator: A versatile platform towards ammonia sensing.

Facile fabrication of hollow polyaniline/carbon nanofibers-coated platinum nanohybrid composite electrode as improved anode electrocatalyst for methanol oxidation

Modulation of Interfacial Thermal Transport between Fumed Silica Nanoparticles by Surface Chemical Functionalization for Advanced Thermal Insulation.

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Batch-Fabricated Substrate-Embedded Ka Band Self-Biased Circulators Using Screen-Printed Strontium Hexaferrite/PDMS Composite

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Evaluation the magnetic and microstructure properties of Al/TiO2 nanocomposites using various stir casting temperature

Couple of graphene oxide and functionalized carbon nanotubes for dye degradation enhancement of anatase under visible light and solar irradiation

Investigation of Carbon Nanotube Grafted Graphene Oxide Hybrid Aerogel for Polystyrene Composites with Reinforced Mechanical Performance

Bees metaheuristic algorithm with the aid of artificial neural networks for optimization of acid red 27 dye adsorption onto novel polypyrrole/SrFe12O19/graphene oxide nanocomposite

Investigation of Electromagnetic and Mechanical Stirring Sequence Effects on Production of Magnesium Matrix Nanocomposite

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