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Discovery of Functional Alternatively Spliced PKM Transcripts in Human Cancers

Glucose-dependent aerobic glycolysis contributes to recruiting viral components into HIV-1 particles to maintain infectivity.

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Age-Dependent Dysregulation of Muscle Vasculature and Blood Flow Recovery after Hindlimb Ischemia in the mdx Model of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

RBM20-Mediated Pre-mRNA Splicing Has Muscle-Specificity and Differential Hormonal Responses between Muscles and in Muscle Cell Cultures

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Cerebral Palsy and Stroke—Early and Late Brain Lesion Present Differences in Systemic Biomarkers and Gene Expression Related to Muscle Contractures

Adaptive Thermogenesis Driving Catch-Up Fat Is Associated With Increased Muscle Type 3 and Decreased Hepatic Type 1 Iodothyronine Deiodinase Activities: A Functional and Proteomic Study

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Spectral dynamics of muscle fiber activation in response to exercise and acute fatigue

A mechanical model of the half-sarcomere which includes the contribution of titin

Muscle Type sentence examples within Major Muscle Type

Transcriptional Regulatory Network Analysis to Reveal the Key Genes Involved in Skeletal Muscle Injury

Novel lncRNA lncFAM200B: Molecular Characteristics and Effects of Genetic Variants on Promoter Activity and Cattle Body Measurement Traits

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Atrophy of Diaphragm and Pectoral Muscles in Critically Ill Patients.

Recognition of walking environments and gait period by surface electromyography

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Scaling of locomotor muscle oxidative and glycolytic metabolic enzymes during the ontogeny of regional endothermy in Pacific bluefin tuna (Thunnus orientalis)

Effects of fasting induced carbohydrate depletion on murine ischemic skeletal muscle function

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Automatic pectoral muscle removal in mammograms

Automatic pectoral muscle removal in mammograms

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Chemical Characteristics of Limousine Beef Depending on Finishing Diets and Muscle Type of Meat

The evolutionarily conserved C-terminal peptide of troponin I is an independently configured regulatory structure to function as a myofilament Ca2+-desensitizer.

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Energy Metabolism Design of the Striated Muscle Cell.

Relationship between shear wave velocity and muscle activation is inconsistent across different muscle types

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Association of TERT gene polymorphisms with clinical benign prostatic hyperplasia in a Chinese Han population of the Northwest region.

ADP Ribosylation Factor 6 Promotes Contraction and Proliferation, Suppresses Apoptosis and Is Specifically Inhibited by NAV2729 in Prostate Stromal Cells

Attractin deficiency causes metabolic and morphological abnormalities in slow-twitch muscle.

Effect of Wet Aging on Color Stability, Tenderness, and Sensory Attributes of Longissimus lumborum and Gluteus medius Muscles from Water Buffalo Bulls

Alcohol Use Disorders and Their Harmful Effects on the Contractility of Skeletal, Cardiac and Smooth Muscles

JNK activation in TA and EDL muscle is load-dependent in rats receiving identical excitation patterns

Histochemical Characterisation and Gene Expression Analysis of Skeletal Muscles from Maremmana and Aubrac Steers Reared on Grazing and Feedlot Systems

Selective activation of PFKL suppresses the phagocytic oxidative burst

Mammalian and Invertebrate Models as Complementary Tools for Gaining Mechanistic Insight on Muscle Responses to Spaceflight

Hypoglycemic and post‑hypoglycemic patterns of glycogen phosphorylase isoform expression in the ventrolateral ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus: impact of sex and estradiol.

Levo-tetrahydropalmatine inhibits α4β2 nicotinic receptor response to nicotine in cultured SH-EP1 cells.

Visceral Myopathy: Clinical syndromes, genetics, pathophysiology, and Fall of the Cytoskeleton.

Factors Affecting Oculocardiac Reflex Incidence In Pediatric Strabismus Surgery: Retrospective Study

Characterization of neutral sphingomyelinase activity and isoform expression in rodent skeletal muscle mitochondria.

Radiological Characteristics of Extraocular Muscles in Myasthenia Gravis Patients with Ocular Manifestations: A Case–Control Study

Dielectric properties of fresh rabbit meat in the microwave range.

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Rheological properties of skeletal muscles in a Duchenne muscular dystrophy murine model before and after autologous cell therapy.

A multiscale sliding filament model of lymphatic muscle pumping.

Influence of Muscle Type on Physicochemical Parameters, Lipolysis, Proteolysis, and Volatile Compounds throughout the Processing of Smoked Dry-Cured Ham

Physical Fitness Profile of Wheelchair-Bound Soldier: A Preliminary Study to Propose a New Standard for Disabled Soldier

An information theoretic method to resolve millisecond-scale spike timing precision in a comprehensive motor program

Histone Modification: A Mechanism for Regulating Skeletal Muscle Characteristics and Adaptive Changes

Multidirectional measures of shear modulus in skeletal muscle

Comparison of Nutritional and Meat Quality Characteristics between Two Primal Cuts from Aceh Cattle in Aceh Province, Indonesia

Contractions dynamic of “fast” and “slow” rat muscle under spinal shock and modulators of contraction

Treadmill running prevents atrophy differently in fast- versus slow-twitch muscles in a rat model of rheumatoid arthritis.

Troponin Variants as Markers of Skeletal Muscle Health and Diseases

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Sirtuin 1 is not required for contraction-stimulated glucose uptake in mouse skeletal muscle.

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Bison muscle discrimination and color stability prediction using near-infrared hyperspectral imaging

Effects of myostatin on the mechanical properties of muscles during repeated active lengthening in the mouse.

Differential structural features in soleus and gastrocnemius of carnitine‐treated cancer cachectic rats

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The Interacting Head Motif Structure does not Explain the X-Ray Diffraction Patterns from Relaxed Vertebrate Skeletal and Insect Flight Muscles

Correlation between Changes in the Transverse Relaxation Time and Electromyographic Measurements of the Superficial Masseter and Temporal Muscles

Chemical Composition and Quality Characteristics of Meat in Three One-Humped Camel (Camelus dromedarius) Breeds as Affected by Muscle Type and Post-Mortem Storage Period

The effect of aging and muscle type on the quality characteristics and lipid oxidation of lamb meat

Muscle transcriptome analysis reveals genes and metabolic pathways related to mineral concentration in Bos indicus

Influence of muscle source on proximate composition, texture profile and protein oxidation of beef from grain-finished Bos indicus cattle

Consumer Liking and Descriptive Flavor Attributes of M. Longissimus Lumborum and M. Gluteus Medius Beef Steaks Held in Varied Packaging Systems 1

Beef tenderness and intramuscular fat proteomic biomarkers: Effect of gender and rearing practices.

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Estimation of Muscle Fatigue Time Based on Electromyography During Isotonic Contraction

Reduced Skeletal Muscle Protein Turnover and Thyroid Hormone Metabolism in Adaptive Thermogenesis That Facilitates Body Fat Recovery During Weight Regain

Novel findings on ultrastructural protection of skeletal muscle fibers during hibernation of Daurian ground squirrels: Mitochondria, nuclei, cytoskeleton, glycogen

Myofibril diameter is set by a finely tuned mechanism of protein oligomerization in Drosophila

High‐throughput data‐driven analysis of myofiber composition reveals muscle‐specific disease and age‐associated patterns

Histochemical characterization and connective fiber distribution of the cardiac outflow tract of pirarucu, Arapaima gigas (Schinz, 1822) (Osteoglossiformes, Arapaimidae)

Undercarboxylated Osteocalcin Improves Insulin‐Stimulated Glucose Uptake in Muscles of Corticosterone‐Treated Mice