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Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation of Gas-Solid Hydrodynamics in a Bubbling Fluidized-Bed Reactor: Effects of Air Distributor, Viscous and Drag Models

Experimental and numerical study of mass transfer efficiency in new wire gauze with high capacity structured packing

Developing a Psychological-Behavioral Intervention in Cardiac Patients Using the Multiphase Optimization Strategy: Lessons Learned From the Field.

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Building a Renowned Clinical Nurse Specialist Team: Recruitment, Role Development, and Value Identification.

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Surgical Procedure for Deep Brain Stimulation Implantation and Operative Phase with Postoperative Risks

The role of mentors in addressing issues of work–life integration in an academic research environment

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International multiphase mixed methods study protocol to develop a cross-cultural patient-reported outcome and experience measure for hand conditions (HAND-Q)

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Developing guideline-based quality indicators: assessing gaps in pain management practice.

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The Herschel Dwarf Galaxy Survey: II. Physical conditions, origin of [CII] emission, and porosity of the multiphase low-metallicity ISM

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Preliminary development of a questionnaire to assess peer athlete mentoring functions: the Athlete Mentoring Questionnaire (AMQ)

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Radiative transfer in porous carbon-fiber materials for thermal protection systems

Noise mitigation in dual three-phase internal permanent magnet machines by injection of current harmonics

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