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Economic-environmental analysis of combined heat and power-based reconfigurable microgrid integrated with multiple energy storage and demand response program

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Optimal scheduling of multi-park integrated energy system under renewable energy quota considering demand side response

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An Artificial Intelligence based scheduling algorithm for demand-side energy management in Smart Homes

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Solving Just-in-Time Single Machine Scheduling with Variable Discrete Speed Machine using Hybrid NSGA-II

Self-adjusting multi-objective scheduling based on Monte Carlo Tree Search for matrix production assembly systems

Multi-objective multi-factory scheduling

Multi-objective optimization of smart community integrated energy considering the utility of decision makers based on the Lévy flight improved chicken swarm algorithm

A multi-objective scheduling algorithm for multi-mode resource constrained projects in the presence of uncertain resource availability

A simple two-agent system for multi-objective flexible job-shop scheduling

Multi-objective automated guided vehicle scheduling based on MapReduce framework

Multi-objective scheduling on two dedicated processors

An NSABC algorithm for multi-aisle AS/RS scheduling optimization

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Multi-Objective Scheduling Model of Construction Project Based on Genetic Algorithm: A Systematic Perspective

Development of Multi-Objective Scheduling Model for Construction Projects Using Opposition-Based NSGA III

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A multi-objective scheduling method for smart grid loads based on improved GSO algorithm

Elite learning Harris hawks optimizer for multi-objective task scheduling in cloud computing

HUNTER: AI based Holistic Resource Management for Sustainable Cloud Computing

A Metaheuristic Framework for Dynamic Virtual Machine Allocation With Optimized Task Scheduling in Cloud Data Centers

Towards a novel NSGA-II-based approach for multi-objective scientific workflow scheduling on hybrid clouds

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